15 Simple Ways to Revolutionize Your Kitchen Space

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According to California-based residential design and development company A+ Construction & Remodeling Inc., “You don’t have to knock down walls to make your kitchen more efficient.” Sometimes all it takes is small changes here and there. That being said, here are fifteen simple ways to revolutionize your kitchen space.

15. Switch Out Your Double-Bowl Sink for a Single-Bowl Sink

Single Bowl Sink
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We all know that double-bowl sinks have their advantages. For example, you can use one side to stash dirty dishes while you use the other side for food prep. You could also use one side to wash dishes while you use the other side to dry clean dishes. But, the truth of the matter is double sinks take up a good amount of counter space. This is what makes single-bowl sinks appealing to some folks — especially if they’ve already got a small kitchen to begin with. And, if you switch out your double bowl and find that you don’t have enough sink space for certain tasks, you can always put a temporary dish basin in the sink.

14. Try a Rolling Kitchen Cart

Kitchen Cart
Source: The Daily Attack

Kitchen islands can be a beautiful addition to any home. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space.  According to The Family Handyman, you need at least 36 inches all around an island for walking space. And, for most kitchens, an island simply just won’t fit. But, you can always try a rolling kitchen cart instead. It will give you many of the same benefits as an island without taking up nearly as much space. And, because it’s on wheels, you can easily move it to any area of your kitchen.

13. Nestle Forks and Spoons into Each Other in the Silverware Drawer

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Looking to save space in your silverware drawer? Instead of putting your forks and spoons in separate sections in the silverware organizer, nestle them into each other. As for your knives, take them out of that space-hogging knife block on your kitchen counter and store them on a magnetic knife bar. The magnetic strip goes on the wall, so your knives won’t take up any counter space at all. And, best of all, you can store other kitchen utensils on this magnetic strip as well.

12. Hang Up Your Pots and Pans

Hanging Pots Pans
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Most homeowners store their pots and pans inside their kitchen cabinets, which takes up valuable cabinet space. Instead, you can use Command Hooks to hang your pots and pans on unused walls.

-If possible, hang your pots and pans above your stovetop. That way they’ll always be at hand when you need them.
-If you don’t want to hang up your pots and pans, you can always store them sideways. “It seems like no matter how hard we try to keep our pots and pans organized, they’re always a jumbled — and noisy — mess. Stack pans, cutting boards, lids, and baking sheets horizontally to limit any future frustration,” Good Housekeeping magazine says on its website.

11. Add Under-Cabinet Lights

Under Cabinet Lighting
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Believe it or not, under-cabinet lighting will help you revolutionize your kitchen space. That’s because, according to The Family Handyman, “dimly lit or shadowy countertops are hard to work at. Adding under-cabinet lights is a great way to make the countertops more useful while making a small kitchen feel larger.”

TIP: There are certain features you should look for in under-cabinet lighting to make sure you’re getting the right option for your needs. These features include voltage, wiring, dimming capability, fixture lenses, energy efficiency, heat output, and ease of installation.

10. Organize Your Freezer with Binder Clips

Binder Clips
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Do you have a small freezer? You can make it feel twice as big by storing your half-used freezer-food bags on binder clips and hanging them from your freezer’s shelves instead of letting them pile up on the shelves. Not only does this help you save freezer space, but it also helps keep your bags closed tight, which helps your food stay fresher longer.

BONUS TIP: Darla Demorrow of HeartWork Organizing suggests sticking a label onto the flat part of the clip to designate where meats, vegetables, and other items should go.

9. Consider a Shallow-Depth Refrigerator

Shallow Depth Fridge
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If you’re like most people, you probably have a cabinet-depth refrigerator. But, did you know that these types of refrigerators stick out about six to eight inches in front of your cabinets? As you can see, cabinet-depth refrigerators rob you of valuable floor space. That’s why you should consider a shallow-depth refrigerator instead. They take up far less space. Depending on the floor plan, they may even allow you to gain cabinet space across from the refrigerator, according to The Family Handyman.

8. Use the Space Between the Fridge and the Wall

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Believe it or not, that narrow space between your refrigerator and the wall is the perfect spot for storing canned goods. All you need is a narrow shelf, like the Gap Storage Slim Slide Out Pantry Storage Rack for Narrow Spaces, which you can get on Amazon.com. It’s a five-tiered shelving unit organizer that can be used anywhere, including the space between your fridge and the wall. It has four wheels attached to the base, which makes it easy to pull in and out of narrow spaces.

7. Put Some of Your Appliances Up Higher

Microwave Appliance
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Your microwave and coffee maker take up valuable counter space. Here are two simple solutions to help you free up that space: for your microwave, convert the lower half of a wall cabinet so that it is able to hold a microwave, and for your coffee maker, rather than storing it inside a cabinet, consider getting an under-cabinet coffee maker. That way it will always be in reach when you need it without taking up precious counter or cabinet space.

6. Store Produce in a Wire Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket
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If you’re a fan of the film “Back to the Future,” then you probably remember the scene in “Back to the Future Part II” where Marty Jr., grabs some fruit from a retractable device hanging from the kitchen ceiling. It seems the filmmakers were on to something, which is perhaps why some home improvement experts recommend something similar to save valuable kitchen counter space: storing your apples, oranges, bananas, potatoes, onions, garlic, and just about anything else found in the produce section of the grocery store in a tiered wire basket that you can hang from your kitchen ceiling. Not only will it save space, but it’ll also add visual interest to your kitchen as well.

5. Flip Some of Your Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses
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Some people prefer to store their wine glasses face down while others prefer storing them face up. However, Good Housekeeping magazine recommends that you do both — that is, store some of them face up and some of them face down. It’s a neat little trick that will help you nestle your glasses more closely together, thereby allowing you to fit way more glasses on the shelf.

-Use and wash your wine glasses regularly so dust won’t accumulate in the ones you store face up.
-Store your delicate crystal with the rim up so there’s less weight on it — the rim that is, which happens to be the most delicate part of the glass.

4. Store Dry Goods Inside Jars and Canisters

Raw Noodles
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You may remember a little home hack we told you about a while back that we learned from the folks over at Mashable.com: use an empty Pringles container to store uncooked spaghetti noodles. Well, The Family Handyman magazine also recommends storing your dry goods insider jars and canisters. “Not only can you create uniformity in your pantry storage this way, but you can also see at a glance where your lentils, rice, or oats are stashed,” the magazine says on its website. “Arranging these jars on display on open shelves can also give your kitchen a rustic, homestead-chic look.”

3. Store Plastic Bags in an Empty Tissue Box

Plastic Bag
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Many of us like to hang on to our plastic grocery store bags for a number of reasons, including using them as makeshift trash bags for small wastebaskets or using them to get a good coating of flour on the chicken we’re going to fry for dinner. Nevertheless, all those plastic bags are taking up space — likely on your kitchen counter. This is why The Family Handyman suggests storing them in an empty tissue box. “Simply thumbtack it to the inside of a cabinet door,” the magazine wrote on its website.

2. Get Sponges and Scrubbers Off Your Countertop

Source: Pixabay

Here is a very simple way to regain sink space in your kitchen: get those wet sponges and scrubbers off your countertop. Good Housekeeping recommends placing them in desk organizers that you can hang on the side of nearby cabinets.

Meanwhile, The Kitchn suggests storing your sponges and scrubbers in a simple caddy. “Just pick up an attractive utilitarian holder that will allow your cleaning tools to dry out and that can be easily cleaned itself when the time comes.”

1. Elevate Your Dish Rack

Dish Rack
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Mcapdevila [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Nothing takes up kitchen counter space like a big, clunky dish rack. But, thanks to the hanging dish rack, you can now free up that space. Hanging or wall-mounted dish racks are designed to hang on your wall using a mount rail bar. This hanging dish rack on Amazon is made of stainless steel and has a warped tray to prevent dishes from falling from the tray. It also folds, is easy to install, and comes with a plastic drain board to store the drop water.


Now that we’ve told you how to revolutionize your kitchen space, we’ll now show you ten ways you can save on your kitchen remodel.