15 Surprising Ingredients That Upgrade Your Scrambled Eggs

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12. Hot Dogs

hot dogs

Adding hot dogs to your scrambles creates a more filling breakfast or lunch. It’s a hearty and delicious mix that is especially great for those with jobs that require physical labor. Slice the hot hogs and saute them until slightly brown, then mix them in the scrambled eggs. You won’t be disappointed.

11. Yogurt


Boost the flavor profile of your eggs with yogurt instead of milk. It gives you a much more creamy consistency than normal scrambled eggs.

Greek yogurt is a perfect addition because it makes them taste rich and tangy, but regular yogurt works just fine. Whisk in a tablespoon or two to your egg mixture and proceed as you normally would.

10. Chips


Crush up some tortilla chips and toss them into your scramble for a crunchy, salty taste in every bite. Soften the chips a bit in the egg mixture before cooking for the most satisfying results.