15 Surprising Ingredients That Upgrade Your Scrambled Eggs

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9. Salsa


Nothing gives your scrambled eggs a kick like salsa! It gives your eggs an upgrade from regular old condiments like ketchup. You can either add it on top to your eggs once cooked or combine it into your egg mixture.

If you choose to combine the two, saute the salsa on its own to remove excess liquid and intensify the flavor. Then add it right before you put the egg mixture in your skillet.

8. Shredded Chicken

Shredded chicken

For extra protein, taste and texture, throw in some shredded chicken. If a protein-packed breakfast is what you need to start your day, this is a viable option. You can also grate some cheese and add a hot sauce to spice up your taste buds.

7. Chopped Tortillas


If you have leftover tortillas and don’t want them to go to waste, use them in your scrambled eggs. Toast the slightly stale tortillas, and throw them in with cilantro and avocado. Add some hot sauce, and you are good to go.