15 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes

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As society gets vaccinated, it is becoming safer to travel. Still, contracting a COVID-19 variant is possible even for those who are fully vaccinated. So travelers are trying their best to stay virus-free and return home safely.

Continue reading to find out 15 things you shouldn’t do on a plane, considering the current state of the world.

15. Don’t Line Up At the Bathroom 

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This practice was not a cool thing before COVID-19, and now it’s even more displeasing, especially for those seated near the toilets.

You may feel the urge to line up, so no one cuts in front of you, but consider the safety of those around you and the means of social distancing.

14. Don’t Walk Around With Unsanitized  Hands

hand sanitizer

You can find hand sanitizer in airports more now than ever. So there is no excuse for having unsanitized hands. An airplane is a closed space with many “touchpoints,” making it very easy to spread germs.

It’s common for passengers to touch other seats as they pass by out of habit or for balance. By frequently sanitizing your hands before and after touching surfaces, you keep yourself and others safe.

13. Not Checking In-Flight Services

in flight service, food, drinks

Due to the pandemic, airlines stopped in-flight services like meals and beverages. However, as people begin to travel again, some airlines have started these services up again.

Delta and American Airlines are serving all sorts of beverages and food items. But it is best t inquire about these services before you board, so you aren’t left starving. You should always purchase snacks before boarding your flight.