15 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes

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12. Forgetting To Pack Several Masks

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The law requires all travelers over two to wear masks in airports and on the plane until Sept. 13. It is best to travel with multiple face masks.

After a while, disposable or cotton masks get dirty and moist, which makes them less effective. So ensure you change your mask every few hours to make your flight safer and more relaxing.

11. Never Walk Around Barefoot!

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Flight attendants say they witness travelers walking to the bathroom barefoot quite often. They have also seen people vomit, seen blood, witnessed spills and know first-hand that those floors are crawling with germs.

They recommend that people skip the habit of walking around barefoot as they sometimes have accidental breakage, and a shard of glass may still be on the floor. Keep your feet covered for your own safety!

10. Getting Drinks With Ice

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The ice cubes on the plane come from the same tap water that they advise you not to drink. Tons of bottled water is on board as an alternative.

15% of 327 aircraft studied by EPA in 2004 passed the health standard requirements. The EPA Aircraft Drinking Rule Act since 2009 lifts the standard, and people are not allowed to drink from the tap.