15 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes

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3. Don’t Drink Coffee or Tea

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You don’t want to drink anything onboard that is made from the tap water — even if it’s boiled to kill germs. That water would have to be boiled for five minutes, put to cool, settled and strained before use.

Do you think they do that? Bottled water or another beverage from a sealed container is best. Caffeine also dehydrates you, so if you must have a cup of joe, have water with it. Hydration is key!

2. Don’t Drink Excessive Amounts of Alcohol


One or two glasses of wine are acceptable, but drinking excessively on a plane will leave you dehydrated in no time. Amidst a pandemic, hydration is a key factor to maintaining good health.

Also, the effects of alcohol sneak up on you while aboard a plane due to high elevation. Before you know it, you’ll be embarrassing yourself. Not to mention, you will forget to practice necessary sanitary habits.

1. Don’t Touch the Flush Button

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Bathrooms are a major breeding ground for germs. While on an airplane, you should use a paper towel to flush and open the door. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly for your own protection!