15 Things You Need To Stop Doing On Airplanes

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As society gets vaccinated, it is becoming safer to travel. Still, contracting a COVID-19 variant is possible even for those who are fully vaccinated. So travelers are trying their best to stay virus-free and return home safely.

Continue reading to find out 15 things you shouldn’t do on a plane, considering the current state of the world.

15. Don’t Line Up At the Bathroom 

bathroom, line, sanitize

This practice was not a cool thing before COVID-19, and now it’s even more displeasing, especially for those seated near the toilets.

You may feel the urge to line up, so no one cuts in front of you, but consider the safety of those around you and the means of social distancing.

14. Don’t Walk Around With Unsanitized  Hands

hand sanitizer

You can find hand sanitizer in airports more now than ever. So there is no excuse for having unsanitized hands. An airplane is a closed space with many “touchpoints,” making it very easy to spread germs.

It’s common for passengers to touch other seats as they pass by out of habit or for balance. By frequently sanitizing your hands before and after touching surfaces, you keep yourself and others safe.

13. Not Checking In-Flight Services

in flight service, food, drinks

Due to the pandemic, airlines stopped in-flight services like meals and beverages. However, as people begin to travel again, some airlines have started these services up again.

Delta and American Airlines are serving all sorts of beverages and food items. But it is best t inquire about these services before you board, so you aren’t left starving. You should always purchase snacks before boarding your flight.

12. Forgetting To Pack Several Masks

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The law requires all travelers over two to wear masks in airports and on the plane until Sept. 13. It is best to travel with multiple face masks.

After a while, disposable or cotton masks get dirty and moist, which makes them less effective. So ensure you change your mask every few hours to make your flight safer and more relaxing.

11. Never Walk Around Barefoot!

barefoot, airline, travel

Flight attendants say they witness travelers walking to the bathroom barefoot quite often. They have also seen people vomit, seen blood, witnessed spills and know first-hand that those floors are crawling with germs.

They recommend that people skip the habit of walking around barefoot as they sometimes have accidental breakage, and a shard of glass may still be on the floor. Keep your feet covered for your own safety!

10. Getting Drinks With Ice

ice, drink

The ice cubes on the plane come from the same tap water that they advise you not to drink. Tons of bottled water is on board as an alternative.

15% of 327 aircraft studied by EPA in 2004 passed the health standard requirements. The EPA Aircraft Drinking Rule Act since 2009 lifts the standard, and people are not allowed to drink from the tap.

9. Don’t Sit the Entire Flight


Airplane travel puts you at a higher risk of getting deep vein thrombosis. It’s a type of blood clot in the legs, and somebody coined it economy-class syndrome.

You should walk around a bit — in your shoes, of course — and stretch your legs to get the blood flowing. Also, don’t wear tight clothes that restrict blood flow.

8. Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

contact lenses, eyes, dry

The dry air in the cabin can irritate your eyes if you wear contact lenses. Also, if you love to sleep when you fly and are unaccustomed to sleeping in your contacts, that will irritate your eyes even more. Don’t make flying more uncomfortable than it already is, and wear your glasses instead.

7. Don’t Turn Off the Air Vent

air, vent

Experts say the overhead air should be medium to high to blow away germs before they get into your personal space to harm you. So, put on a sweater or use a blanket to cover if you feel chilly.

6. Don’t Eat Food That Touched the Tray

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If you could see the colony of germs on a tray table, you would put your food on your lap! People change babies on the tray tables, people put up their feet on them, and they are used for many other activities not related to food.

Studies show that the trays carry 2,155 colonies of bacteria per square inch. So if a cookie falls off your plate, throw it away!

5. Don’t Use Their Blanket

blanket, plane, germs

If you want to keep warm, bring your own blanket or sweatshirt. Another item for a germ haven is a blanket or pillow the airline gives you to make you more comfortable.

It is not uncommon for these blankets to not be washed frequently and even recycled throughout the day. Unless the blanket comes in a package and has never been touched, you should definitely avoid it.

4. Don’t Forget To Hydrate


The tailored air in the cabin is made to mimic the air that humans can tolerate at the highest altitude. According to World Health Organization, between 6,000 to 8,000 ft.

Your mucus membrane dries out in flight over two hours, and it’s vital to hydrate, especially to fight against COVID-19. Each flight attendant usually drinks at least 16 oz on each leg of a flight. So keep your water handy, and don’t get parched!

3. Don’t Drink Coffee or Tea

coffee, tea

You don’t want to drink anything onboard that is made from the tap water — even if it’s boiled to kill germs. That water would have to be boiled for five minutes, put to cool, settled and strained before use.

Do you think they do that? Bottled water or another beverage from a sealed container is best. Caffeine also dehydrates you, so if you must have a cup of joe, have water with it. Hydration is key!

2. Don’t Drink Excessive Amounts of Alcohol


One or two glasses of wine are acceptable, but drinking excessively on a plane will leave you dehydrated in no time. Amidst a pandemic, hydration is a key factor to maintaining good health.

Also, the effects of alcohol sneak up on you while aboard a plane due to high elevation. Before you know it, you’ll be embarrassing yourself. Not to mention, you will forget to practice necessary sanitary habits.

1. Don’t Touch the Flush Button

toilet, flush

Bathrooms are a major breeding ground for germs. While on an airplane, you should use a paper towel to flush and open the door. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly for your own protection!