15 Things You Should Always Buy at Target


Check out these amazing finds so you get the most bang for your buck the next time you shop at Target.

15. Toys

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Since the holiday season is upon us, we’ll start this list off with toys. Target is known for its low prices on toys, and they’re “really good at predicting the hot toys for Christmas and pricing them lower than the competition,” Kyle James of Rather-Be-Shopping told GOBankingRates. In fact, with Target’s price-match policy, if you buy a qualifying item at Target and find the same item for less at select competitors or even in Target’s local print ad or on Target.com, they will adjust your payment to the lower price.

The store recently announced that it’s giving its toy aisles a makeover just in time for the holidays. According to CNBC, the retail giant said it planned to add a quarter-million square feet of space dedicated to toys in more than 500 of its stores by November 2. The extra space isn’t just for the holidays, though. It will remain a permanent fixture in the stores.

By the way, if you wanna get your pooch something special for the holidays, Target has great prices on pet toys, too.

14. Dollar Spot Finds

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Target’s Dollar Spot, a.k.a. Bullseye’s Playground, is a treasure trove of goods that ranges from holiday decor and gift ideas to educational products and classroom supplies. The section underwent an upgrade a few years back and features a “family-friendly selection of curated seasonal products.” At the time of the upgrade, prices on most items ranged from $1 to $5. You can shop the Bullseye’s Playground in-store. Look for it near the front of all Target stores–and online. Be aware that online prices may vary.

13. Sparkling Water

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If you prefer to drink LaCroix, then you’re in luck because Target has a huge selection of it in flavors you can’t get elsewhere. And, if LaCroix isn’t your thing, Target sells its own store brand of sparkling water which, according to many, is just as good–and much cheaper, too. An eight-pack of Target’s Simply Balanced 12 oz. cans of sparkling water sells for about $3. Flavors include Raspberry Blackberry, Ginger Peach, Watermelon, Cucumber Mint, Lime, and Grapefruit. There are 6 oz. cans available, too, for $2.49, and 1 liter bottles available for $0.99.

12. Nuts, Seeds, and Trail Mix

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Nuts can be a bit expensive, especially the fancier ones, so don’t expect them to be super cheap at Target. But, you can save a bit more purchasing them there than you would elsewhere. A favorite among Target shoppers is the Archer Farms brand. You can get a 36 oz. jar of Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix for $7.99 and and a 16 oz. jar of Planters Heart Healthy Lightly Salted Dry Roasted Peanuts for $3.59. A 12 oz. bag of lightly salted Blue Diamond almonds costs $6.99.

11. Seasonal Candy

Seasonal Candy
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Did you know that Target partners with big candy brands like Hershey’s and M&Ms to offer customers exclusive sweet treats they won’t find elsewhere? Yep, it’s true. For example, last December they sold Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Elf Kisses, Reese’s Santa’s Helpers Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms Peanut Brr-ittle, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Cookie Crunch Squares, Lindt Lindor Peppermint Cookie Milk Chocolate Truffles, and Dove Caramel Holiday Tree-ts. You can find exclusive sweets at other times of the year, too, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter.

10. Up&Up Products

Up&up Logo
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Up&Up is Target’s store brand that many shoppers swear by. Christy Palmer, expert bargain hunter and founder of All Things Target, said in an article on Yahoo.com that she has “found [that] so many of the items in their store brand of the Up&Up line work just as well as the leading brands and [at] a much smaller price. The Up&Up brand of hair detangler works perfect for my girls’ hair, and it’s much cheaper than the leading brand.” Other Up&Up brand products include soap, laundry detergent, light bulbs, ink and toner, markers, disposable tableware, toilet paper, skin care products, and school/office supplies.

9. Diapers

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Speaking of Up&Up, another product in the brand’s line that shoppers swear by is its diapers. These diapers are absorbent, leak-resistant, and best of all, cheap, when compared to national brands. For example, you can get a pack of 176 diapers for $21.99. Compare that to the fact that you’ll pay $30.00 for a 64-pack of Pampers brand diapers at Rite-Aid, and you’ll see why moms prefer Up&Up diapers.

Oh, and Up&Up makes wipes, too. You can get 216 wipes for less than $4.

8. Generic Drugs

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Yet another crowd favorite is Up&Up brand’s generic drugs. According to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, Target’s drug prices beat out those of Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid. A 160ct bottle of Up&Up Ibuprofen (NSAID) Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer Softgels, the generic version of Advil Liqui-Gels, costs $8.79, whereas an 80ct bottle of the brand name drug costs $10.99 at Walgreens.

And, if prescription drugs is what you need, Target’s got you covered there, too. They offer discounts on dozens of generic prescription drugs.

7. Organic Food

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Buying organic can be a bit costly. Fortunately, Target offers delicious and affordable organic foods in its grocery section under the Simply Organic and Simply Balanced brand names. A two-pound bunch of bananas costs just $1.39. You’ll pay the same price for 18ct large Grade A eggs. And, a one-gallon jug of 1% milk is a little less than $2. Keep in mind that these are online prices, so in-store prices may vary.

By the way, if you decide to shop online, you can get same-day delivery or order pickup in the store.

6. Trendy Accessories

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Sunglasses, jewelry, colorful scarves, hats…Target’s got it all–and at decent prices, too. And, if you need to glam it up for a special occasion, Target’s got plenty of party accessories to choose from, like faux fur stoles, and bead frame, sequin and metallic clutches. Don’t worry men, Target’s got you covered, too. You can choose from belts, wallets, hats, ties, watches, cuff links and more. And, for the kiddies, there’s hats, mittens, bows, bracelets, backpacks, beanies, baseball caps, bowties, and suspenders.

5. Threshold Sheets

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The 400 thread count Performance Sheet Set Patterns by Threshold is Target’s most popular sheet, and they continue to receive rave reviews on Target.com. According to customers, they’re soft, wrinkle resistant (even after washing and drying), and, hands down, the “best sheets ever!” These sheets also have top and bottom labels so you know exactly how to put them on your mattress, patented fit technology so they stay in place, and they are free of harmful substances. And, best of all, they’re just $29.99.

4. Children’s Clothing

Childrens Clothing
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Two popular brands of children’s clothing sold at Target are Cat & Jack and Circo. Not only are Cat & Jack brand kid’s clothing trendy and affordable, they’re also made with comfort and durability in mind. For example, their clothes are soft, tagless and have flat seams, so they’re perfect for kids with sensitivities. Plus, their pants have reinforced knees that won’t get torn.
And, according to Palmer, the Circo brand offers quality clothing that’s cute and affordable. “Pair them with a sale and a coupon, and I love the brand even more!” she said in an article on Yahoo.com.

3. Travel-Size Toiletries

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First of all, Target has a huge assortment of travel-size toiletries. And, depending on what your purchase needs are, you can snag quite a few of them for less than $1. For example, a 2 oz. bottle of Up&Up hand sanitizer is $0.89. A 3 oz. bottle of TRESemmé moisture rich shampoo is just $0.97. You can even get a Colgate toothbrush for $0.99.

TIP: You can use the travel-size versions to try out expensive products you’ve been eyeing before shelling out the big bucks. For example, Target’s travel-sized version of OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo costs $2.59. The full size bottle costs about $8 at Ulta.

2. Home Décor

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Target has everything you need to beautify your home, from candles, frames and wall art to plants, throw rugs, and storage cubes. There are several décor styles you can shop by, too, including Farmhouse Décor, Luxury & Glam Décor, Rustic Décor, Modern Décor, Scandinavian Décor, and Mid-century Modern Décor. Plus, there’s plenty of bedding and room décor for the kids, too. Target does “such a good job putting out great design for relatively little,” Erin Gates, a Boston-based interior designer, stylist, and creator of the blog Elements of Style told TODAY, Reader’s Digest reported.

1. School Supplies

School Supplies
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Target is known for its great deals on back-to-school supplies. In fact, they’ve been known to offer BOGO 50% off sales on school supplies. But, they don’t just offer these deals in the fall when the school year starts for most kids. Target offers low prices on school supplies all year long. As a matter of fact, you can get a 100ct pack of 3″ x 5″ white, unruled index cards by Up&Up online right now for just $0.49! Office Depot’s brand of 100ct, 3″ x 5″, white, blank index cards currently sells for $1.79 online.


Do you have any favorite items you like to purchase at Target? Tell us what they are and why you like to shop for them at Target. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!