16 Tips and Tricks to Minimize Travel Costs

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Travel can be one of the best ways to truly enjoy life and escape reality – if even for a brief moment. There are various destinations and travel packages one can opt for to bring you the the peace and serenity that we all crave. Although the world may experience economy crises from time to time, our zest to travel doesn’t seem to be affected much. Here we will look into some easy tips and tricks that you can use to cut down hefty travel costs. From booking cheap flights, to cheap shopping, and travel discounts, we’ll explore ways to save a bundle this travel season.

16. Travel During the Off Season

This option solely depends on when you can travel, but it is a well known fact that an off season trip will save you tons of money. Flights will be cheaper and accommodation as well. Hotels and attractions give great discounts during the off season in order to attract tourists during this slower period of business. On top of that, you may enjoy the trip even more with fewer crowds as a result. You can also avoid all the hustle and bustle which is unavoidable during peak times.

15. Rent an Apartment

Renting an apartment can save you a bucket load of money. Having said that, please note that in most cases renting weekly apartments can be more expensive than renting it for a month. In addition to cost cutting, renting an apartment will give you an opportunity to feel like you have your own place in any city you wish to wonder off to.

14. Don’t Like the Idea of Renting an Apartment?

Then the next plausible option will be to stay in hostels rather than hotels. The downside will be the fact that this option will offer less privacy. In the meantime, it will cut down your travel costs drastically. Some hostels offer private rooms too which you can opt for.

13. Cook Your Own Food

”Cook your own food”; there you go, we said it! We know how it sounds, but yes, cooking your own food can be a cheap option when you are staying at an apartment or a hostel with an accessible kitchen. If that isn’t an option for you, you can always go for cheap street food. Any city you are going to stay in is bound to have cheap street food that will be relatively cheaper than high end restaurants. They can be finger licking good too.

12. Travel to Budget Destinations

A cheap budget destination can once again save you tons of cash. Traveling to expensive locations for a cheaper prices can still be an option, but wont be as cheap as this one. A few destinations to consider are Barcelona, Morocco, Hungary, Croatia, Malaysia. These are some budget destinations you can travel to in 2018 and offer the tourist everything you are looking for in a world class trip.

11. Use Budget Airlines

Throughout Europe and Asia, budget airlines are widespread and definitely will come in handy when you need to have some cash left in your wallet at the end of the day. Every now and then, it can actually be even cheaper than taking the train, so look out for those hot offers!

10. Booking Cheap Airfare

There are no particular rules regarding this, but booking in advance can save you a lot of cash upfront before you plan out your tip. On the other end, you can also go for the extremely stressful option of booking a flight last minute. But to be on the safe side, advance cheap booking is always recommended. One more trick is to check airline fare amongst many other airlines. There are a lot of websites out there that will help compare such as kayak.com. You do not know when you’ll get lucky with cheap fare.

9. Travel with a Carry-on Bag

Although this option is not a feasible one when traveling with kids, this too can save you money. How? Well, most budgets airlines charge extra for other luggage. Make sure not to over pack your carry on, and carry only your essentials, as you wont be thrilled to pay for ‘excess’ luggage at the airport. And what more? Traveling can be a lot more easier and lighter; imagine hauling three or four suitcases, no thanks!

8. Buy Your Electronics Before You Depart

These can include items like headphones, converters, cables and cords. Make sure to have them with you before traveling as it can cause great hassle to locate a pair of headphones or other electronic items while traveling. The prices for these items can be outrageously over the top in areas such as airports as well.

7. Avoid Buying Trinkets

Tourist trinkets can be a waste of money, as likely they are just cheap pieces of junk that’ll just go in a junk drawer for a number of years before you eventually through them out. They are usually over priced and not worth the money we spend on them. Instead, you can take videos and photographs and have them as a reminder of your holiday.

6. Choose Ground Transportation Wisely

Taxis generally charge more the closer you are to the airport. Without opting for this expensive option you can go for a shuttle or subway service. Many major airports have quick and cheap transport services that can take you close to your hotel. From there, you can either walk it or take a taxi. A lot cheaper!

5. Try Walking

No no, not walking from city to city or from your home to your destination. This is about walking within city limits.

Hiring taxis, as we stated before, can be quite pricey and by walking you may even escape the ridiculous traffic congestion that seems to plague almost all cities around the world. There is really no need to go out of your way to get to public transport when you can easily walk it there.

4. Enjoy Cycling and Save $$$

Rent a bike! Not only is it cheap and affordable, it can be fun, and healthy too; to navigate your way around cities while cycling. Access to bikes is usually quite easy in many cities even in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris. Paris has bikes parked in stations around the city, where it costs around 1 euro for one day. Cheap, is it not?

3. Buy a Subway Ppass

Buying a multi day subway pass will be cheap and will come in handy especially when you need to make several stops; which is the case in almost all travels.

2. Fly from an Alternative Airport

Although it may be easier to travel to the airport closer to your hotel, one way to cut down costs will be to travel a little further away and then take a bus or train to the place you are going to reside at. Many major cities have multiple airports. You can compare prices of choosing an alternative airport and then decide the best course of action. One thing to be mindful of is the price of the train or other transport you’ll be taking to your hotel or apartment. That could be pricey too, at times. That being the case, you need to be alert and compare all prices beforehand. You could save a fortune through a little bit of pre-planning.

1. Be a Smart Shopper

Try to locate local shops and markets and do most of your shopping there rather than fancy shopping malls and venues. Not only will you be saving a bundle, but you will also be receiving an authentic shopping experience. In addition to that, you will be boosting up the local businesses and economy which will help your travel destination city to flourish. You can also bring back home local candies and foodstuff for families and friends rather than overpriced tourist trinkets. What would you go for? Local delicacies? Or an Eiffel tower keychain?

Traveling doesn’t have to be a daunting proposition for those trying to save some money. By following our tips and tricks above, you should be able to save a bundle on your next vacation.