17 iPhone Apps That You Should Delete Now

Phone data privacy and security continues to be at the forefront of conversation with the increased usage of smart devices for all aspects of life. It’s easy to believe that because an app is in the app stores, it has been vetted and isn’t a threat to your personal data or going to use said data inappropriately, but that isn’t always the case. Now more than ever, it is essential to be vigilant about the apps you’re downloading to your phone.

Several apps have been recently identified as containing Clicker Trojan malware. This means that the apps simulate users continually clicking and engaging with the app, therefore creating revenue for the developer. In some cases, users were subscribed to paid content services, and in other cases, their private data was being gathered by the app. The apps identified were all created by the same app designer and have since been removed from the app store with the exception of one. While apps go through a screening process before they are added to the store, from time to time these apps can slip through and compromise your personal data. In an effort to keep personal information safe, be sure do a little research on an app before downloading it. You might also want to go through the apps that you already have installed and check the information that they can access.

Keep reading for 17 apps that you should delete right away.

17. Easy Contacts Backup Manager

Easy Contacts

This app requires access to all of your contacts in order to back them up and restore on any device. Security issues with this app means you’re not only allowing access to your information, but that of friends, family, and colleagues as well.