18 Uses for Mayonnaise You Probably Didn’t Know

4 min read

If you’re someone who can’t comprehend how anyone could enjoy mayonnaise, you may change your mind after this article. You don’t have to eat the thick and creamy condiment to appreciate it!

Continue reading to learn about 15 mayonnaise uses you probably didn’t know.

18. Hair Conditioner

Mayonnaise is a natural moisturizer that is plentiful in fats and protein. The egg yolk and olive oil in the mayo nourishes the hair, unlike any other natural hair treatment.

It works as a hair conditioner and should be applied to the hair and left for 15 to 20 minutes. You then rinse the hair properly with shampoo. It leaves the hair feeling healthy and strong with lush moisture.

17. Soothe Your Sunburn

Mayonnaise has a soothing texture and cooling effect. The ingredients make it the best lotion for soothing a sunburn. It helps the skin return to its original state as it lessens the pain and redness of any minor burns.

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