20 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Look Younger

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8. Your Colors

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A popping color is youthful and fun. Just don’t make it from head to toe. Accent your outfits to look modern and trendy. If the color trend is outdated and expired, you don’t want to hang on and appear old and dated. You are looking for sophistication with classy, neutral chicness.

7. Drop Stress and Conflict


Do you know that stress can age your cells? Well, it’s true. This is reversible, however, with lifestyle changes. Develop stress management to reduce conflict around you, and this will reduce stress hormones like adrenalin cortisol. At the same time, activating the natural painkillers in the body, endorphins. These keep everything about you youthful.

6. Make Your Eyes Pop


A pearlescent champagne hue or cream will highlight your eyes and make you look younger. You should apply this under the eyebrow and the inside of the eye.

TIP: Stick with a light brown, taupe or matte formula for eye shadow—no high glitter or shimmer.

5. Natural Lip Color

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For that youthful glow, skip the heavy red unnatural lipstick and go for a light, natural color. Dark lipstick can bleed out into the lines of the mouth and make your lips recede. A flesh color or clear color will give a youthful shine.