20 Natural Products You Can Make Instead of Buy

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natural products

Some of us grew up seeing our parents and grandparents making many different products from scratch! Today, there are SO many products on the market that make our lives much easier. However, these products are often made from harmful ingredients that can be detrimental to our health and the environment.

Whether it’s food, toiletries, makeup, etc., they often contain many harmful additives. It has become increasingly common to purchase the most natural products on the market, but that can take a toll on our bank accounts.

Continue reading to learn about 20 natural products you can make at home instead of buy.

20. Ketchup

Homemade ketchup

Making homemade Ketchup is simple. The ingredients are cheap, and the process won’t break your back. It tastes better than the one on the store shelf and is sugar-free. Keep the whole family healthy!

19. Bread

Homemade bread

Oh, the smell of freshly baked bread! Using your regular home ingredients to bake your bread for the week is healthier on the body and the pocket. Get the kids to help and make it a fun time.