20 Stores That are Getting Rid of Cashiers and Checkout Lanes

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Amazon opened its first cashierless Go store in Seattle in January 2018, and the company has been on a roll ever since, working toward its goal of 3,000 automated Go stores by 2021. And, now other stores are following suit, ditching their cashiers for tabletop tablets, mobile point-of-sale devices, and cell phone apps. Here are 20 of those stores.

20. Walmart

Walmart Sign
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Walmart Canada has an Amazon Go-style fast checkout lane. It debuted in a newly opened store in Toronto. This store will serve as a prototype for future store renovations. So, how exactly does it work? Here’s how: Customers scan items with their phones. Once they finished shopping, they click the word “checkout” to receive a barcode. The next step is to head to one of the four scanning stations in the fast lane and scan the barcodes. The system will then charge the credit card the shopper has on file. Lastly, just before leaving the store, the customer will need to show their receipt to a Walmart worker standing near the entrance/exit door.

19. 7-Eleven

7 Eleven
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7-Eleven is testing cashierless stores — but not here in the United States. They’re testing out this new concept in Japan. According to a story published in the Nikkei Asian Review, the new stores will use facial recognition to authenticate shoppers and check them out. “7-Eleven’s experimentation with cashierless stores comes shortly after Amazon rolled out its Amazon Go stores… Simply put, Amazon Go stores are turning into a formidable competitor for 7-Eleven stores on several fronts,” including speed, cost and technology, Forbes wrote.

18. Sam’s Club

Sams Club
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Sam’s Club decided to test out the cashierless concept last November when they opened Sam’s Club Now, an outlet in Dallas, TX. Customers pay for their items using the Sam’s Club Now app, which is based on the company’s Scan & Go application. You scan the bar codes of items and pay for them — and it all takes place through the app. There’s even a smart shopping list in the app to help you keep track of your purchases.