20 Valuable Things You Probably Threw Away But Shouldn’t Have

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13. Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets
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According to an article published by CNN, there are billions of dollars in unclaimed lottery prizes annually. And, while most of the unclaimed prizes are small, it’s still money that’s being thrown away. What’s more is that when people don’t win, they throw out their ticket, thinking that there’s no point in hanging on to it. But what people don’t even realize is that there are secondary prizes, lottery expert Brett Jacobson said in the article. For example, you can collect a $4 prize for simply picking the correct Powerball number and a $2 prize for picking the right Mega Millions number.

12. Cereal Boxes

Cereal Box
Source: Wikimedia Commons By Michael Steeber from USA [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

After reading about this one, I’m definitely kicking myself. I mean, who knew that that holographic imprinted Batman cereal box would go for more than $8,000? Or, that the Fruit Brute Monster cereal box would go for more than $11,000? In fact, if you do a quick search on eBay right now, you’ll see just how much you can get for one. So, if you’ve got a cereal box in the trash right now, you might want to dig it out of there before the garbage collector comes along–it could be worth something one day.

11. Bitcoins

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A bitcoin is virtual currency, so you can’t actually throw it away like you could dollar bills. But, you can throw away the hard drive they’re stored on. And, that’s exactly what happened in 2009 to an IT worker who received 7,500 bitcoins. He stored them on his hard drive, only to throw away the drive some years later–after the value of the bitcoins rose to £4 million! Realizing what he’d done, he searched the landfill for his hard drive but wasn’t able to find it.

10. Signed Yearbooks

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I’ve thrown away many old yearbooks from middle school. I hate that I didn’t hang on to them because a yearbook can bring back so many memories. What’s more is that those yearbooks might be worth big bucks some day. “High school or college yearbooks that might be autographed by someone famous that was in your graduating class could be valuable,” Eric Silver, an appraiser for Antiques Roadshow, said in an article published by Popular Mechanics. Did you throw all of your yearbooks away, too? You might want to “check your parents’ or grandparents’ yearbooks too,” Silver added.