3 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Being Viewed And How To Fix It

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Ever wondered why you’re not getting interviews for jobs you know you would be perfect for? Potential employers may be overlooking your application altogether: Statistics show that 75% of resumes actually go totally unseen by employers.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are part of the problem, but there’s an easy way you can avoid being one of those statistics: Bypass the ATS and get detailed guidance with the help of Rezi Resume Software.

If you’re making these simple resume mistakes, you could be holding yourself back before you even get started. 

3. Lack of Specific Details


Don’t scrimp on the details in your experience: being vague will get you nowhere. Real estate space on your résumé is precious, so don’t waste it. Instead, use every line to communicate specific details of your previous roles and accomplishments. Quantify whenever possible.

When describing your experience, detailing how many employees you trained or managed and how much sales revenue you generated, for example, will grab the hiring manager’s attention and show them exactly what you are capable of. With Rezi’s smart technology, you’ll be able to see exactly which bullet points are missing a number.

2. Having a Generic Resume


Perhaps the worst thing you can do is send your resume to an employer that isn’t tailored to their particular open role. Sending the same base version of your resume to every hiring manager gives the impression that you are not passionate about the company or the role and that you’re just applying for every job you see. Plus, it just looks lazy.

Instead, make sure you are sending custom created resumes for each job you apply for. This will help you show why you clearly fit that particular job description and company. Rezi makes this effortless, thanks to their keyword-matching tool that highlights which important phrases from the job ad are missing from your resume.

1. Making Your Resume Too Long or Too Short

Short Long Resume

Contrary to popular belief, your resume doesn’t have to fit on just one page. Especially not if it means cutting out impressive achievements or qualifications. On the other hand, ones that go into too much detail about irrelevant experience will be a turnoff to hiring managers.

As a general rule, limit yourself to a maximum of two pages, but if you’re able to fit everything important on just one page, then do so. Ensure that every sentence convinces the hiring manager that you are the best person for the job and if that’s the case, whichever length that leaves you with is the perfect one. Luckily, document length is one of the things that Rezi will help you optimize for.

With Rezi, you can upload an existing resume, create one from scratch, or choose from several templates. After you’re done optimizing with the help of the Rezi, you can download it for your job application. The dashboard makes it easy to version off new resumes for different job applications, organize your files and even draft cover letters right in the app.

The secret to crafting a great resume is using the right techniques. The secret to making it easy is using the right tools. Ready to make the one that could land you your dream job?

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