4 Ways That Using A VPN Can Save You Money Online 

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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to browse anonymously on a public network and can be used to access otherwise-region-restricted content. But did you know that it could also be saving you money? 

A VPN gives you privacy online by creating a private network from a public internet connection by shielding your device’s IP address. Put simply; it can allow you to browse anonymously, away from any snooping eyes or more nefarious hackers—whether you’re at home, logging on to the shared network or using public Wi-Fi at an airport—and can also be used to access otherwise-region-restricted content. 

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Aside from the discount on this particular service, here are four ways a VPN can save you money:

4. Book A Flight At The Lowest Rate Possible 


Whenever it becomes safer to travel, remember a VPN can help you find lower prices on flights. Airline websites use cookies to remember your browsing history, so they know when you’ve been researching prices and when you’ve returned to their site.

Many airlines will use this tracking data to automatically raise prices based on what’s assumed to be your increased demand. KeepSolid VPN will mask your IP address and change it multiple times, so the website won’t see whether you have visited before.  

3. Take Advantage of Subscription Package Deals In Other Regions 

Package Deal Vpn

There are plenty of services and subscriptions that are being priced differently in different regions of the world. Same product, different pricing, based purely on location. If you use a VPN set at a different international geographical location, you’ll often be served prices of less than half the cost as when the website knows you are accessing it from the U.S. 

2. Save Money On Car Rentals

Car Rentals

The price of the same rental car from the same rental company can fluctuate wildly based on your location. Location factors like location surcharges, insurance costs, and local taxes from the country you are renting it from all affect the price of a car rental—no matter where the actual pick-up point and the driving location is. Use KeepSolid VPN to book as if you were in a country with lower rates, and you’ll be able to rent the same car for less. 

1. Pay Less When Booking International Hotels 

Hotel Save

Hotel booking works in much the same way as airfares do, with websites using dynamic prices to track your browsing history and raise the cost of a room per night if it perceives increased demand from you.

Not only that, but the location you are booking from directly affects those ever-changing prices. The same hotel room can cost markedly less per night when you change your VPN’s server location to hide your browsing history or even make your purchase in another country’s local currency. 

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