5 Coupon Websites That Help You Save Money

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Whether you’re on a budget or not, coupons are a great way to keep some money in your pocket! Here are five coupon websites that will help you save money on everyday items like food, health and beauty aids, electronics and more.

5. Groupon

Coca Cola coupon
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If you’re looking for huge discounts on just about every product and service under the sun, then Groupon is your place. You can find discounts as large as 100% (Freebies on their website can be common)! Groupon lets you grab some great deals on food and drink, beauty products, electronics, concerts, hotels, vacations, museum admission, and even parking passes. They offer deals for both online and brick and mortar shops. You can browse the trending deals or discover deals in your city, right down to the ones in your own neighborhood. Of course there are deals available for national chains, too, like Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sephora, Express, American Eagle, L.L. Bean, JCPenney, Walgreens, and dozens more. You can print off vouchers right from your computer or use the Groupon Mobile App to search, purchase, and redeem them directly from your phone or tablet.

-Collective buying power, which is defined as a large group of consumers coming together to negotiate discounts from goods and service providers, is the idea behind Groupon. Consequently, the company’s name is a combination of the words “group” and “coupon.”
-With 170+ million downloads, Groupon is the #1 retail app on both iOS and Android
-The billionth Groupon was sold in 2016

4. RetailMeNot

Shopping mall
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RetailMeNot describes itself as “your ultimate savings destination” for sales, coupons, promotional codes, cash back offers, and gift cards for thousands of stores (over 50,000 to be exact) and brands. Products and services you can save on include food, clothing, beauty aids, electronics, books, office supplies, auto parts, car rentals, and so much more. In-store coupons can be printed from your computer, or they can be redeemed right from your phone via the mobile app. To use RetailMeNot coupons at online stores, simply enter the coupon code during checkout. If you’re pressed for time, you can add the RetailMeNot Genie plug-in to your browser. It’ll find and apply codes and cash back offers for you. The website also lets you search for deals near you by using your current location.

FUN FACT: Become a member of the RetailMeNot Community, and you’ll be eligible to compete for prizes in Community Contests offered multiple times throughout the year. Also, members who reach Community Contributor status may be awarded gifts periodically. Past awards have included t-shirts, gift cards, and special prizes.

3. Ebates

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Ebates makes it easy for you to earn cash back (up to 40%) at over 2,500 stores. Simply shop with Ebates at your favorite stores and earn cash back on your orders. There are no fees and no forms to fill out. Here’s how it works:
Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending members to their websites. Every quarter, Ebates will send you your rebate in the form of a check or PayPal payment.

Here are some useful tools Ebates incorporates to help you redeem your cash rewards:

*Ebates Mobile Apps (for iPhone, Android, iPad) – Conveniently use in-store coupons, scan products to compare prices, and get up-to-the-minute deals.

*The Ebates In-Store Cash Back page

*The Ebates Cash Back browser button
-activate cash back directly at store sites
-automatically apply promotional codes at checkout

*The Ebates Cash Back Visa Credit Card
-earn 3% extra cash back on qualifying purchases made through Ebates
-earn 1% cash back everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted
-get a $10 cash bonus on your first purchase
-use your card with Apple Pay

FUN FACT: Ebates is one of the largest free-membership loyalty programs in the U.S. and is the official shopping rewards partner of the Golden State Warriors.

2. Restaurant.com

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Good news for all you food lovers out there! There’s a coupon website that helps you satisfy your appetite for less. Since 1999, Restaurant.com has been helping diners save money at local, independent neighborhood restaurants. For example, when you use a Restaurant.com certificate, you could possibly shave 50% off your bill. You must purchase a certificate, but they’re actually pretty cheap, and there’s always a sale going on. For example, right now you can get a $10 gift certificate for $4. Past deals included $25 certificates for $2, 50% off all certificates, and BOGO offers. FYI, if you join their mailing list, you’ll save even more.

There is a catch, though. A minimum purchase amount (before taxes and tips) has been set for each restaurant, and you can only use one certificate per party, even if you’re seated at separate tables or paying separately. But the fact that the certificates never expire and you can exchange them for any reason, no questions asked, more than makes up for the minimum purchase amount.

Here’s a list of what Restaurant.com has to offer:

Restaurant Certificates (also referred to as Restaurant-Specific Gift Certificates) – Restaurant-specific promotional certificates that can be accessed or printed and then redeemed at a restaurant to get a reduction in the price of a meal.

Restaurant.com eGift Cards – Store credit that entitles the holder to redeem the face value of the certificate for an equivalent face value amount of Restaurant Gift Certificates or Merchant Certificates. These can easily be personalized and emailed as a gift.

Restaurant.com Gift Cards – A wallet sized, physical gift card that can be given to friends and family that entitles the holder to redeem the face value for an equivalent amount of Restaurant Gift Certificates or Merchant Certificates.

Merchant Certificates — Merchant-specific promotional certificates that can be redeemed at an online partner to get a reduction in the price of an order for products such as steak, lobster, cookies, wine and more.

1. Coupons.com

Grocery store
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This website is mainly for grocery savings, but you can also shop online using coupon codes for retailers like Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Sears. The mobile app lets you link your store loyalty cards and add coupons to them for instant savings at checkout. Printable coupons are available, too.

Here’s an interesting story, as told by the company, on how Coupons.com got started:

“Early one Sunday morning, Steven Boal watched his father-in-law descend the stairs, trudge out the front door to grab the newspaper and then, scissors in hand, set up camp at the kitchen table, where he busily clipped coupons. Boal knew there had to be a better way. He researched the industry and found that the multi-billion-dollar coupon business hadn’t changed in three decades. The Internet was beginning to chip away at all sorts of industries—music, news, finance—improving and revolutionizing each one. Boal set his sights on coupons. In 1998, shortly after watching his father-in-law’s Sunday trudge, Boal, a finance executive who specialized in developing technologies, pulled in two people he knew could help him change the future of couponing. Michele Boal, his wife, had years of marketing and communications experience and understood the family shopper on many levels. It also helped that she was raised in a home where saving was critical to making ends meet. Next, Steven recruited former colleague Mike Walsh. Over coffee, with pencil and napkin in hand, the two mapped out a technology strategy that would become the foundation for what Quotient is today. The company spent three years developing the technology that enabled digital coupons to work for manufacturers, which issue the coupons, and for retailers, which redeem them. Since coupons are a form of currency, manufacturers required strict security and print limits before they would recognize digital coupons as an alternative to paper. Once the security and print controls were in place, Boal’s company faced the next challenge: persuading providers of consumer packaged goods—the companies that make and distribute much of the world’s food, personal-care and household-cleaning products—to shift their promotional budgets from paper to digital. In April 2001, almost three years after the company’s launch, the Coupons.com team issued its first digital coupon, on a client’s website. A couple of months later came the company’s consumer website, where shoppers could peruse a collection of offers.”


It’s amazing how far couponing has come. For a brief history of coupons, check out this article on RetailMeNot. FUN FACT: The image of the Coca-Cola coupon above is believed to be the first coupon ever. It dates back to 1887.