5 Foods You Should Never Cook in the Air Fryer

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With the advent of exceptional technology, the kitchen is the place to be. We’ve switched from getting deep-fried treats at a restaurant to air frying in the comfort of our home. What’s great is that air frying is a much healthier frying option!

Who doesn’t want to eat healthier when it can still taste so good? Having a trendy air fryer in the kitchen is a move you should make in this modern world. You can now enjoy crispy, crunchy, delicious meals without eating out!

There is a catch, however. Not everything will do well in your air fryer. Some things will cause a disappointing mess. You should know what these foods are, to avoid a disaster. Continue reading to learn more.

5. Leafy Greens


Leafy greens are light and will cook unevenly in the air fryer. They need some weight to keep them stable for proper frying. Foods that keep moving due to light-weight, like spinach, will burn quickly.

However, if coated in enough oil to keep them down, vegetables such as kale will work in an air fryer’s high-speed air. Broccoli and zucchini are two green veggies that will also work great in the air fryer!

TIP: Frozen vegetables are the best when choosing veggies to air fry.

 4. Battered Foods


Refrain from putting the wet batter in your air fryer. If it’s pre-fried or frozen, it’s okay—but that’s it. That wet batter won’t set the same as when you deep fry. You will only create a mess!

You sure won’t get that crunchy exterior that an air fryer is designed to give. If you want that crispness your food is supposed to get, dip it in a mixture of flour, eggs and bread crumbs, then freeze your creation before air frying.

3. No Cheese, Please!


Someone may want to experience the crispness of fried cheese. Remember, though; air fryers don’t really “fry.” So, placing the cheese inside by itself without coating it with something will create a cheesy mess. You’ll have a lot of melted cheese on your hands!

If you want a crispy grilled cheese, the air fryer will work just fine. Just keep in mind, with the intense pressure from all that hot air, your cheese may burn, and nothing burnt tastes good.

So, for this delicate comfort food, you might want to stay with your stovetop. You can dig up some frozen mozzarella sticks to successfully cook crispy cheese in the air fryer.

 2. Raw Grains

grains air fry

The air fryer’s primary function is to dry-cook your foods. So, sneaking in your rice or pasta won’t sit well with the fan. The fan will never produce enough hot air to replace the boiling water the grains should be cooked in.

These staples will crisp wonderfully in the air fryer if they are pre-cooked on your stovetop. So, save yourself the trouble of finding out the hard way that these items must cook in water— not in the air fryer.

1. Whole Roast

chicken air fryer roast

The question is, how does that whole roast even fit into the air fryer’s basket? The air fryer needs air and space to fry properly. One whole chicken will overcrowd the poor thing! The hot air needed to do the work will not circulate appropriately.

What will eventually happen to your roast? Well, the sections closest to the heat will immediately get crispy and begin to burn, while the inside parts furthest from the heat will not be fit to eat. So, put that roast in the oven to give it some breathing room.

If you are determined to get it crispy by using the air fryer, a pretty successful method is to cut the chicken into smaller pieces. Turn the side with the skin up as the fryer heats from the top.

The Air Fryera healthy alternative

air fryer

Air fryers are all the rage right now. It is the healthier alternative to traditional deep frying without using the oil and saturated fats that clog your blood vessels and attack your system with bad cholesterol!

Innovative creators continue to research viable options to rampant obesity plaguing a high percentage of Americans. The air fryers, using only a small fraction of the oil that a deep fryer uses, has become a healthy option for at-home cooking.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste and flavor when you use the air frying method. You use only about a tablespoon of oil with most air fryers, and you can still get your crispy fries, onion rings and fried chicken. Less oil doesn’t mean a lack of texture or taste!

A recent study shows that deep-fried french fries were similar in color, texture and moisture when compared to the air fried french fries. The air fryer french fries had less fat content—which means fewer calories.

This cooking style is helping people lose weight indirectly. According to Cleveland Clinic, people using the air fryer reduce their calorie intake by 70 to 80%. Wow!

Now You Know…

Stay clear of the five foods mentioned above, and you will have a fulfilling experience getting your foods crispy, delicious and healthy. Burning your food due to the wrong cooking method is a waste of time and will waste perfectly good food. Plus, it will negatively affect your air fryer—so air fry when it’s appropriate, and stay healthy!

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