5 Really Creepy Celebrity Fan Gifts

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Creepy Fan Gifts

The world seems to have gotten smaller here in the digital age. Social media and the internet has given people an avenue to get closer to famous people than was possible in the past, when seeing someone in person was the only real way to get up close and personal. For most people, these changes have provided a glimpse into people’s thoughts, beliefs and hobbies, and makes them feel like they know the famous people better. That’s enough in most cases. But of course, there are those people that don’t just follow or love a celebrity, but take it to another level with celebrity worship. Most of us know one or two people that feel this way. These people will go to much crazier length to get close to their hero. Here are 5 examples of some extremely crazy gifts fans have given to celebrities.

Letter Written In Blood

5. Letter written in blood

You may be tempted to think this is a Halloween joke. It isn’t. But what takes the creepy factor to a new level is that this wasn’t just any old blood. It was menstrual blood. Taecyeon, a member of South Korean boy band 2PM, received the letter along with a sample of the writer’s pubic hair. It was widely assumed that the package was a fake, but the singer eventually obtained proof it was real. When confronted, the writer said she just wanted attention and wasn’t even a fan of him or his band.

Breast Implant

4. Breast Implant

Norman Reedus, who stars on The Walking Dead, is obviously familiar with body parts randomly falling off of zombies. A fan used this theme and sent him a breast implant. He thought it was funny, so he cleaned it and set it up in his trailer as a phone cradle. He would later remark in an interview that he didn’t have a problem with it. Upon hearing that, several other fans have sent him implants.

A Baby

3. A baby

In the early 1970s, country singer Dolly Parton scored a huge hit with the song “Joline,” which went to number 1 on the country music charts. You would think that her biggest fans might name their next child after the song, and some probably did. But one fan named her baby Joline and left it at Parton’s home. Parton found the baby outside her front gate. She called the local authorities, who came and took the newborn. The birth mother never followed up, and Parton does not know what happened to the baby after she was taken by the local Health & Human Services group.


2. Ear

Jared Leto, who stars in Suicide Squad as The Joker, is well-known for doing strange things. He went to a recent gala with his own severed head as a date. Back in 2013, the very eccentric actor received a package with a note that read, “Are you listening?” Also in the package was a severed human ear. If the fan was trying to send Leto a message, it wasn’t received. Leto poked a hole through the ear and wore it as a necklace.


1. Sperm

It’s likely that every one of us knows a guy that says they want to make babies with a favorite female celebrity (maybe we know several guys, or are that guy). But a fan of actress Tricia Helfer took it a little too far. She was opening fan mail and encountered an envelope containing a picture of a man, woman, and child, a syringe filled with white liquid, and a note and saying that the fan wanted her to start a family with him. She alerted the authorities, who were able to track him down. This also happened to singer Iggy Azalea, although her assistant intercepted the syringe before the singer saw it.

These things are certainly amusing for us. Some of them are downright scary. We think it is probably best that fans keep their outpouring of love for their favorite celebrity to harmless memes, emojis and GIFs on social media.