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It’s very nice to have you all, and I welcome you on All Time Lists. In this article, we will be talking about women. Well, as from men’s perspective I like women, I respect them, and I believe in their equal rights. I have women friends, I have women classmates, and even I have worked with women, they are all quite friendly and jovial. However, I do have witnessed a sense of hatred among women for other women particularly belonging to the same age group. So, today we will reveal the reasons of why do women hate each other?

1. Self Hatred

The most traditional and popular reason behind why women hate each other is their “Self-hatred”. I have discussed this with one of my female friends, and I am happy that she gave a very thorough and honest opinion on this issue. She told me that most of the women often really don’t get what they wish for. Unlike men, they like to live in a world of dreams where everything is fulfilling their feministic needs. The needs may vary from women to women, but they are mostly about having a long pair of legs, beautiful eyes, long slim body, attractive body parts, etc. And when they don’t see their needs get fulfilling, they begin to hate themselves. The most noteworthy thing, in this case, is women’s self-hatred always projects inside out, they began to compare themselves with each and every woman passing by them. This might be like, “Oh, she has a long pair of legs, that’s what I wished for, why is she having these?”.

Dear ladies, I am not talking about any irrational thing here. It’s quite natural. The studies have shown that the highly emotional nature of women often leads to low self-esteem and self-hatred among them. Therefore, the only thing you can do it to avoid this happen to you is to see the brighter side of everything. Laughter at moments and sharing things with other women can be a good option, to begin with.

2. The Two Conflicting School Of Thoughts

Women nowadays have been divided into two schools of thoughts. Where one school of thought, which you can say a school of thought of well-off women, who are independent, work in the top ranks of the world and are leaders of tomorrow think that women are meant to rule the world. They are the superior agents of nature and all those women sitting in their houses and work as housewives are the real cowards. They think that the women working as housewives are letting them down and are the biggest hurdle in their way of ruling the world.

Now, we come to the second school of thought. This school of thought reminds me of what my mother used to say. Where there are real men running the country, protecting its borders and earning food for their children, there are real women who being housewives give their children a sound character, a will to do the right things and ensuring the bright future of the country. This school of thought is not against women working in offices and other services but is actually of the view that besides women’s role as a working lady, they have another responsibility which is raising a new well-mannered nation for the country.

The conflict in these two schools of thoughts is another reason of why women hate each other.

3. Concept of False Consciousness

Another reason why women hate each other is they are too enclosed in patriarchal assumptions to know when other women share things with them. So if some women say that she likes being a hooker. Other women think of her as an idiot, and they won’t trust her at all. This assumption is by women academic who have never themselves been a sex worker. Apparently, this is because women so much hate being judged and it leads them to become judgmental when it comes to talking to fellow women. They never believe what other women say or feel. It doesn’t apply to all women, but it does apply to the majority of them. Their false consciousness often leads them to live in a world of loneliness.

4. Women Need External Approval

Almost each and every woman around us is seeking an approval of some kind. An approval of yes, you are looking good. An approval of yes, your hairs look amazing. The reason why women need this approval is to quench their inner thirst of being admired. Women love to being admired not only by men but by women in particular. They love to be at the top among their friends when it comes to their physical beauty, their intelligence, their way of living. This need of approval often makes women hate each other. They develop a sense of hilarious competition. When a woman doesn’t get admired to the extent, she wished for. She never admires another woman, just like farting in the shades that I didn’t get it and now nor you will.

5. We Men Are Also A Reason Why Women Hate Each Other

Most of us admire women because of their looks. How beautiful or sexy she is, neglecting the inner beauty they have. Men’s unusual and unethical standards for women made them a real competitor for each other. Not every woman born with some sizzling looks and not does every man. Then why not accepting them as they are without pushing them into the dark world of hatred for each other. Our wrong standards have made them like a car in a showroom where each one of them is competing and hating each other for gifted features.

Maybe these reasons don’t subject to you, but they actually do to the majority of women. These five reasons of why women hate each other are reflecting the studies and theories put forth by professional psychiatrists. Therefore, if you have any objection on any of these, then you have all the right to contact us by commenting in the comment section below. We try our best to entertain your opinions about this article and will publish them in the future articles. Men and women both have some unexplainable flaws, no one is perfect at all. However, one must seek for the right attitude to live a happy and prosperous life.

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