5 Reasons You Should Work for as Long as Possible

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Most hardworking people dream of the day they will retire and live the good life. A life of relaxation and fun. But did you know that the longer you stay busy, the longer you stay fit and strong in mind and body?

The day you retire, your life drastically slows down, and unfortunately, you start to age faster. Why would anyone want to age faster?!

This is an era where people live longer than usual, and a 2017 gallop poll found that 74% of Americans plan to work past their retirement age. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that by 2024, 13 million Americans would be working beyond the age of 65.

Continue reading to learn why you should continue working as long as you can.

5. Live Longer

A long-term public health study done in 2016 by Oregon State University doctoral student, Chenkai Wu, showed that Americans who retired at 66 lowered their mortality rate by 11% over those retiring at 65.

Those in the survey who were unhealthy also proved to have a lower risk of death when they delay retirement for a year. Wu said, however, that the finding is not conclusive. The connection between lower mortality risk and working longer does not prove that one is caused by the other. It seems like a plausible correlation, though, don’t you think?

4. Stay Sharp

The mind is sharper, and the body is fitter and generally healthier when you have somewhere to go to every day. A job gives you a sense of purpose. You have tasks to get done, projects that need your undivided attention, deadlines to meet and colleagues to support.

If all this was to go away suddenly, you could end up losing some of your mental faculties. Research shows that the risk of dementia is reduced by 3.2% for people who work an additional year.

Research also shows that those who chose to work part-time, be self-employed or have a temporary job boast better health and mental well-being than those who retired completely.

3. Financial Security

Working longer than the retirement age is the answer to your worries about outliving your savings. Try waiting and collect your social security benefits when you are 70 years old, instead of claiming at retirement or before.

You should also continue adding to your retirement fund and, if you can, leave your nest egg untouched for longer. You will have more money to spend later because you are making time for the funds to increase and grow. When you finally retire, you will find that you have enough to live.

Throwing in your security benefits and the delay of retirement by one year is about three to five times as impactful as saving an additional 1% per year for the next 30 years, financial researchers calculated.

Since living longer takes money to keep you going, you may need a financial adviser to help you do calculations and projections of your retirement savings and benefits. It’s your life–be decisive and do your due diligence.

Research advisors with a reputation you can trust. You can confidently start with SmartAsset’s free financial advisor matching tool. In five minutes, they will link you with up to three financial advisors.

Each advisor is required by law to act in your best interest and is vetted by SmartAsset. They will match you with local advisors who will propel you to financial goals.

2. Keep Relevant

Leaving the work scene forever can start an identify crisis. It’s a common thing for people to measure themselves with others related to achievement and career status. Withdrawing from your career path, however, is not the only alternative.

You can transit to an encore career wherever you choose. Or use your skills in new ways. Many people have business ideas or fun stuff they would love to pursue to add joy to their lives. If you are one such person, this is your opportunity to be the most fulfilled you can be!

There are several websites available to help you start newfound ventures. They assist mature workers in finding encore positions and deploying vital skills workers spent decades acquiring and honing.

Spreading relevant knowledge and skillsets keeps retirees relevant and needed in their acquired spaces. And being needed is a self-esteem booster that puts a pep in the step.

1. Maintain a Strong Social Network 

The friendships you have cemented after years of working together are precious. To soften the shock to your system, keep your social network intact.

43% of people over 60 report feeling lonely regularly, says the US News and World Report. Working and mingling help maintain essential connections, so when you retire, build more networking through community groups, church, classes, clubs, etc.

It is now being proven that a healthier and stress-free lifestyle results in people living longer. Add to that the everyday activity of a job to keep you buzzing, and you have the perfect scenario to keep you living way beyond 65.

A hobby may be beckoning for your attention, or you could be now ready to help take care of your children. Find whatever brings you joy and happiness daily, and do it! Keep busy, keep active. Have something to focus on after retirement. You will look younger, feel younger and live longer.

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