5 Tax Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

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The tedious, time-consuming activity of filing tax returns each year is so frustrating. Many wish it would all go away and forget about losing your whole Saturday to filing documents. Something about filling out forms is dreadful and it makes you want to keep putting off the inevitable.

However, you don’t want one of those frowning IRS guys showing up at your door. So, here comes help! Here are five viable options to tax apps to choose from that simplify the filing process and make life so much easier.

5. TurboTax, SnapTax

TurboTax filing taxes

The top-rated Turbo tax company offers a variety of tax apps software. These apps make life simpler and the tax return process less daunting. You can estimate your tax refund amount, and the app will also tell you approximately when you can get that refund. Use the app on an android, an iPhone or Kindle. It will do your returns in 10 minutes.

If your taxes are straight-forward and simple, this app is just right for you. You download the app for free, take a picture of your W-2 form, and file from the app or online. It cost $24.99 to file with the W-2, but you don’t pay until your filing is complete.

This app is not for everyone, however. If you have more complex returns to file and work over $100,000 per year, or if you own a home, this app is not for you.

4. TaxACT Central and DocVault


TaxACT doesn’t use a smartphone app to file claims presently. The TaxACT Central, however, has an interactive checklist and a due date calendar. This helps you to get organized for the tax season ahead, even if you don’t file through the site.

The DocVault App allows you to take a picture of your tax documents and edit them if you desire. It then saves them in the app until you are ready to file. You don’t have to be digging for them in desk drawers and shelves when the time comes around to file. You only need to import the images into TaxACT, and you are ready to file. The apps are free to use and are available for Android and iPhone.

3. AskaCPA


The AskaCPA answers all of your tax questions. It’s available on iPhone and Android to acquire all the tax information you need to help you with your returns directly from CPA. You also get access to a community of users asking and answering questions relating to taxes and tax returns.

The app will also refer you to accountant-listings. You may need assistance putting your tax filing account together, and an accountant can guide you and make the process less stressful.

2. H&R Block Tax App

H&R block tax app

If you can pull yourself away from Turbo Tax, check out H&R Blocks 1040EZ Tax App. You use it with an iPhone or Android. You can file from your smartphone. You will receive free filing and audit support. The app also does tax presentations from a Block agent at H&R.

The H&R Block app also allows you, like Turbo Tax Snap Tax, to take pictures of your W-2 form and import your income data. It also will not help those persons with more complicated tax activities. Thankfully, though, it will file your federal and state tax returns for free.

1. IRS2Go

Filing Taxes, Tax return

The official mobile app of the IRS is available to answer all questions. Well, those relating to taxation and tax returns. No tax app round-up can be complete without it, so we cannot leave it off the list.

Every taxpayer filing tax returns should visit this government site! It’s available for both iPhone and Android, and it allows you to request your tax records. They will then mail the records to you over several business days.

You also can check your refund status, as well as get tax updates. Plus, it will give you tips on filing methods and how to follow the IRS on social media. The IRS YouTube channel and Tumblr are also available to make life a bit simpler, so take advantage and start filing.

Reminder: Do your taxes

Everyone in this nation knows that paying taxes in America is serious business. Jail is afraid of no one, and many tax-evaders are paying a painful penalty for neglect in this area.

Whether it be state or federal taxes, do your civic duty for the enhancing of the nation. Every time you have to do file taxes, you groan and wish you didn’t have to do it, but you might as well relax and get it done. You will not escape it. The previously mentioned apps help move the process along and get your expected tax refund.