5 Things That Make People Love McDonald’s French Fries

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McDonald's French Fries

What could it be that makes so many people love Mcdonald’s fries? 

They are slightly greasy, a little crunchy and always a lovely golden shade that screams ‘eat me.’ Some would say McDonald’s French fries are, without a doubt, the best in the game. They are always warm and just the right amount of salty. McDonald’s has perfected, making their fantastic fries, making them the most popular fast-food fries around.

McDonald’s kept the secret of its fries for a long time. Still, after years of customers begging to know how they make those delicious, dunkable fries, McDonald’s relented and let MythBusters’s very own Grant Imahara inside a factory to witness the long process of making McDonald’s fries. Here is why people love McDonald’s fries.

5. The Ingredients

Mcdonald's French Fries

Creating the McDonald’s french fries begins with selecting the best, fresh whole potatoes. They are cut from whole potatoes grown on Canadian farms and fried in a vegetable oil blend. McDonald’s refuses to use GMO products for its food. Not only has McDonald’s refused to go down the GMO route, but it has also responded to cries from customers to make their food healthier.

Originally, McDonald’s used beef fat in its fries, making them unhealthy, high in trans and saturated fats, and unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. McDonald’s made the switch to please all of their customers. McDonald’s tested 18 different oils before deciding on Clear Valley High Oleic Canola Oil, which has zero trans fats and the lowest amount of saturated fats of any oils and doesn’t change the fries’ magic all.

4. The Process


The process of making the fries begins with selecting the best U.S. grown potatoes. McDonald’s is actually the largest purchaser of potatoes in the United States. Trucks then take those potatoes to be processed, unloading pounds of potatoes onto a factory’s conveyer belt. McDonald’s fries are a very specific shape due to the way they are cut. They are skinned and put through a cutting machine that shoots the potatoes into high-pressure water knives at 60-70 miles per hour. Just imagine a few hundred pounds of fries flying by a second.

Next, the potatoes are given a chemical bath in dextrose and sodium acid pyrophosphate. Don’t worry, though, Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn, and sodium acid pyrophosphate reduces carcinogen’s levels when potatoes fry. This helps keep fries healthy and gives them that golden glow. An optical scanner checks the fries for faults and removes the ones that aren’t up to McDonald’s standards.

Once through the blades and on the other side, those delicious fries are covered in sugar. The next step is to partially cook and flash freeze the fries, making it easier and quicker for stores to prepare those piping hot sticks of heaven in only three minutes. McDonald’s claims to only let their cooked fries sit for seven minutes before replacing them with freshly cooked ones, but insist they usually sell out before that seven minutes is over. McDonald’s serves about 9 million pounds of fries globally every day. That’s about 35 billion pounds of fries a year.

3. The Salt Ratio

Fast Food

Ever wonder how McDonald’s manages to get just the right ratio of salt on its fries? Well, customers were surveyed to find out how much, or how little, salt they like. Even though they make toss a batch after seven minutes is up, McDonald’s is happy to make a fresh batch for customers who can wait 3-4 minutes. They will even make your fries whatever saltiness level you desire. As a matter of fact, you can even opt for no salt! Now that’s good customer service.

2. The Fast Food War

Fast Food War

Whether or not you are a McDonald’s fry lover, it’s no question that McDonald’s wins the french fry war was every time. They sell the most fries out of all the fast-food chains year after year. Unlike other fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s doesn’t reheat their fries. They always have a fresh batch ready, which is a big factor as to why McDonald’s fries are so desirable. McDonald’s has turned french fry making into an art form and they nail it.

Since they began selling French fries in 1948, McDonald’s has made and sold over 4 trillion fries. That’s enough fries to make it all the way to the fifth planet in our solar system, Jupiter, and back – twice!

McDonald’s is one of America’s top employers with an average of one million workers in the United States. That is more than any other corporation in the U.S. In fact, McDonald’s is one of America’s top employers. One in every eight American workers have been employed by McDonald’s at some point.

1. It is Cheap and Accessible 

Cheap And Accessible

More than 68 million people eat at McDonald’s worldwide. That is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom (which is 66.65 million). McDonald’s restaurants are all over the world and most people live less than a 15-minute drive to one. Plus, the food is extremely affordable. A large fry costs $1.89 at McDonald’s. Not only that, but the food can even stand the test of time. Three years of being sealed in a jar, McDonald’s fries showed little signs of aging. This is because McDonald’s uses a large amount of sodium propionate to prevent bacterial or mold growth. 

 McDonald’s Fries Please!

I bet you’re hungry now – go get yourself some McDonald’s french fries, or even a whole meal while you’re at it!