6 Stores That are Starting Black Friday Early in 2020

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Black Friday

Coronavirus has changed many things from seeing family, eating out and even your shopping experience. With social distancing and mandatory mask compliance, holidays will be a little different this year. The most significant change will be on the “holiday” Black Friday. 

You definitely won’t be waiting in a line shoulder to shoulder with people and then racing into a store to get the best deal. This year, there will be much more structure and a dwindling number of shoppers. However, many retailers are still opening up for Black Friday, and most are having early doorbuster deals. Here are 6 stores that are starting Black Friday early this year.

6. Walmart


On Thanksgiving day, Walmart will not be opening their doors for Black Friday shopping as they usually would. Luckily, they will be having deals roll out slowly through October and November.  Instead, they will open at normal hours on Black Friday. To keep everyone safe and yet still allow them to be a part of their Black Friday shopping. Major deals will also be available online beginning Thanksgiving day. Don’t be afraid to stay home; you’ll still get some great deals! Some of their best deals are the iPad 7th generation 32GB at $249, a savings of $80! They also have the Hover-1-All-Star Hoverboard for $89, a savings of $59. 

5. Target

Target Black Friday

Target has come out and stated that it’s Black Friday sales will be available online earlier than ever. We’re not sure how much earlier, but we know that they have plans to start their Black Friday sales right after Halloween 2020. This is so they can reduce the in-store crowds. They also plan on ramping up their curbside and shipping offers. Along with Walmart, Target is among the first stores that have openly stated they will not be open for in-store shopping on Thanksgiving. Some of their best deals will be on kitchenware. Don’t miss out!

4. Amazon

Amazon Shopping

Although Amazon does not have any brick and mortar stores to shop at on Black Friday, it has always been a great place to shop on Cyber Monday. Their infamous Amazon Prime Day is no different and has people waiting on the edge of their seats for that next deal. They did not have their Amazon Prime Day in July 2020 like they usually do and have decided instead to hold it in October 2020. It will be an early Cyber Monday, where there will be plenty of deals. People will have two different chances to snatch up those holiday deals for their families Christmas gifts.

3. Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy is one of the most popular places to go Black Friday shopping for clothes and shoes. This year, 2020, will be no different and yet, completely different. Old Navy is best known for its quality clothing at affordable prices. They have already had many deals since coronavirus happened and will continue to have their doorbuster deals throughout October and November. Get ready to get out there and do some early Christmas shopping!

2. Macy’s


Macy’s has had fantastic Black Friday deals in the past, and 2020 will be no different. However, to cut back on the in-store crowds and keep all their customers safe, they will be rolling out deals right after Halloween and throughout November. Like other retailers, Macy’s will be closed on Thanksgiving and will slowly be rolling out deals. They have stated they will continue having sales and will be doing it earlier. They have not come out and said the exact dates.

1. Kohl’s


In the wake of so many big retailers closing for Thanksgiving Day sales, Kohl’s has decided to do the same. As of July 29, they announced that for the 2020 holiday sales season, they will have sales over the course of weeks instead of hours. You can shop on their website for many wonderful deals on Black Friday, which you can pick up in-store or have shipped to you in just a few days. Kohl’s is unique because they allow you to spend money and receive some back. You can get money back without getting a store credit card. Many other stores force you to get the car to receive savings or get points to use in-store. Kohl’s cash is in store credit that Kohl’s gives you for spending money. Many times, it’s if you spend $50, they will provide you with $10. This changes during their holiday deals when you can spend as little as $30 and receive $10 kohl’s cash!

Online Shopping for the Win..

Your favorite stores to shop at online are probably starting Black Friday sales sooner than you think! And, what is better than getting amazing deals in the comfort of your own home? The best part of shopping online is you can ship it directly to your family member’s home! All you have to do is put in their address while you pay for it. It’s that simple. That means, even if you cannot be there for the holidays, you can still show someone how much you care about that special gift! There’s not much need for in-store shopping anymore. And with coronavirus, it’s a much safer way to shop for everyone. 

So, stay home in your pajamas, and shop to your heart’s content! If in-store shopping is still something you prefer, don’t worry, that is still an option. Stores will still be having their Black Friday sales. It will only be extended to sales that will go on for days or weeks at a time. Coronavirus guidelines will be easier to maintain this way and customers will be happy. All you people who are still planning on heading out to the stores, put your mask on and stay at least six feet from others, happy shopping!