6 Things To Do Before Recycling an Old Phone

4 min read
Iphone Recycling

There are some essential steps to take before saying goodbye to your old cell phone.

Continue reading to find out what the steps are and how to go about recycling your phone!

6. Back it Up

Backup Phone

The first step to phone recycling is backing up your phone. It is wise to be doing this regularly anyway in case you lose your phone or drop it in water.

If you have had your cellphone for a while, then you probably have a ton of important stuff on there. Losing your favorite photos and videos would be heartbreaking, right?

Your old files can be backed up to either a memory card or the cloud. Depending on the phone model, backing up files onto the cloud varies. If you don’t have much worth keeping on your phone, it may be easiest to email yourself whatever you’d like to keep.

5. Sign Out of Every Account

Change Password

It is very important to sign out of every account on your phone. Go into your settings and remove each account you’re signed into. This helps ensure that all information identifying you is removed from the phone and is ready to can easily be recycled.

You wouldn’t want whoever receives your old phone to gain access to your accounts, would you? Your credit card information is probably attached to many of those accounts, so that would not be good!

Keeping a list of your passwords is definitely a good idea so that you can sign back into all of your accounts on your new phone.