6 Things To Do Before Recycling an Old Phone

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4. Change Important Account Passwords

Sign Out Accounts Old Phone

Signing out of your accounts is crucial, but you also should consider changing the passwords to your accounts that are most valuable to you.

Depending on the person, the most important accounts will vary but are often work-related. This doesn’t mean changing the passwords to all of your social media accounts. We’re talking about your Apple or Google accounts, for example.

Your phone’s factory reset should remove any saved passwords and data, but we still recommend this extra precaution to keep those hackers away!

Don’t forget to remove your phone from services like two-factor authorization for Google Accounts. If you forget, you will be locked out of some accounts.

3. Unpair From Bluetooth Accessories

Bluetooth Unpair

Don’t forget to unpair any accessories such as headphones or speakers connected to your old phone. If you end up giving away your phone to a friend or family member, they will automatically connect to those devices unless you unpair. Whenever that person comes over, you may be forced to listen to their music. It’s also smart to unpair from printers and smart TVs.