7 Crazy Flat-Earther Beliefs

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There are a surprising number of people who truly believe that the Earth is a flat plane, and not the spherical globe we see in every classroom. The basis of this belief is that because it does not look round from our perspective, it must be flat. The horizon is a long, flat line. Because of this idea, flat-Earthers (aka people who believe the Earth is flat) have had to dig deep to come up with excuses and explanations refuting solid scientific evidence proving the contrary. Here are a few crazy things flat-Earthers actually believe!

7. Gravity Does Not Exist

Source: Wikimedia

The basic principle of gravity is that objects are pulled towards the center of mass. We are pulled downwards because the center of our Earth’s mass is in the center of the (round) planet. This cannot be true for a flat-Earther, however, because the center of mass on an flat plane would obviously be the center of that plane – constantly pulling us sideways, not down. Therefor, gravity cannot be a real force.

6. Antarctica is Just an Ice Wall

Source: Wikimedia

If the Earth is flat, what keeps all the water from Earth’s oceans from falling off the edge? Why, the ice wall that is Antarctica, of course! According to flat-Earthers, Antarctica is not a continent, but a 150 foot ice wall that surrounds the world, keeping in the water. They claim that this is the reason that no nation has laid claim to the continent. No explorer has walked in a straight line through the continent, because it is impossible. They also claim that NASA armed forces defend the wall against anyone trying to inspect the it themselves.

5. Photos From Space are Fake

Source: Wikimedia

This one speaks for itself – all photos of our spherical planet are photoshopped to perpetuate the government-backed conspiracy of a round planet. They claimed victory when NASA did actually admit that photos of the Earth are altered. The reason for this is that to get a full image of the Earth, you have to be really, really far away. Most images of our planet are “composite images”, meaning one image made up of many smaller images. However, when the Apollo 17 mission headed towards the moon in 1972, they were able to snap true pictures of Planet Earth from a distance of about 18,000 miles.

4. The Sun Circles the Earth

Source: Wikimedia

Instead of the Sun being 93 million miles away, as modern science boldly claims, flat-Earthers actually believe it is only about 3,000 miles away. It moves in a circle around our sky, never dipping below the horizon. Picture shining a flashlight and circling around the edge of a Frisbee – this is exactly how they imagine the Sun’s path. When the “circle” of the Sun’s light is on the other side of the Earth, it is nighttime where darkness lies. This is wrong for so many obvious reasons – mostly because the Sun can be seen dipping below the horizon every evening at sunset.

3. Earth is Not a Planet, and Planets Do Not Exist

Source: Pixabay

Instead, Earth is the center of the universe, and all other planets are NASA born lies. So, in theory, they believe there is really no such thing as a planet. Since they are not visible to the naked eye, they cannot be trusted as real. In reality, they simply cannot agree that other planets exist, because it would prove that gravity is real and debunk a majority of their reasoning. Therefore, planets are a farce.

2. NASA is a Lie

Source: Pixabay

There are many beliefs about NASA, but all flat-Earthers agree on one thing: they are lying to us. Some believe that NASA was founded by the Nazis. Others believe that it was created by the government to debunk religion. For this to be true, 1) NASA is either in cahoots with every other nation’s space agency, all sharing the same agenda of lying about the shape of our planet; or 2) NASA is the source of every nation’s telescopes, space instruments, and astronomy-based technology, which is flawed in order to help to spread the fallacy of a round earth.

1. The Sky is a Glass Dome

Source: Wikimedia

While not all flat-Earthers go along with this claim, it is a popular belief. It is thought that the Sun and all of out atmosphere are contained within the dome, and since gravity does not exist, it is actually the dome that keeps this all contained. To the more religious, it is believed that the dome hides what is actually above us – whether it be the heavens, or God – we humans cannot know because we cannot see.

It is alarming knowing that flat-Earthers so vehemently deny the heaps of scientific evidence that we have proving the Earth is round. While a touch of government mistrust is acceptable, believing in this seems like quite the stretch.