7 Expensive Things That Are Not Worth Your Money

We are a society of consumers. Showing off lavish items is an undeniable aspect of American culture. A lot of the time, we approach shopping with the mentality that more expensive products equals better products. But when it comes to making sound investments in expensive items, there are some purchases you should exclude from your budget.

7. Unlimited-data plans

Talking On Cell Phone

Unlimited-data plans look attractive on the outside, with a lure of saving. But the average person used about 4.6 GB per month in 2018, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

“People should stop paying for data that they don’t use,” said Rob Webber, the founder and CEO of MoneySavingPro and an expert on saving.

One key thing to remember is that unlimited data doesn’t mean unlimited LTE or 4G data. Major carriers typically provide 22 to 50 GB of high-speed data before reducing speeds. If you do decide to go with an unlimited data plan, you would not need unlimited text at the same time.