7 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Clean Bathroom


Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be such a drag! With a little everyday care and organization, it’s much easier to do your deep cleaning, as well as, keep it clean longer periods of time. Remember to always have air circulation, especially after showering, in order to prevent humidity that will cause mold, bacteria, and bad odors. Check the tub and shower drain often to avoid buildup and stains. Don’t waste too much money on chemical products. A little white vinegar and baking soda are the bathrooms worst enemies!


Let’s start with some space organization. Get rid of all those random things and products you actually don’t use or, at least, try to. If you can’t get rid of them squeeze them into cabinets and closed containers as much as possible, so they are not constantly in your way and they don’t get dusty and dirty. Less clutter means you can clean faster and easier, your bathroom looks more spacious, and you don’t feel assaulted by chaos when you walk inside.

Dust and sweep

First, empty the bathroom floor, clear the sink counter and the shower/tub from all objects, so that you can start with some dusting. Use a duster with a long handle and/or a vacuum attachment to clean the vanity, window treatments, shelves, and all the small areas. Once you are finished dusting you can sweep or vacuum the floor to eliminate all kind of debris, hair etc.

Use Vinegar

Sometimes old-fashion natural products work better than expensive chemical cleaners. White vinegar, for instance, is renowned to be safe and effective for all kind of cleaning tasks. Its high acidity level makes it great to dissolve soap scum, loosen up lime and rust, and get rid of all hard water stains. You can try it on your shower head, once in a while, to eliminate any water deposits that can block the holes. Simply place the shower head in a plastic bag filled with white vinegar and let it soak overnight; you will be amazed by the result.

Use baking soda

Like vinegar, baking soda is another great product to use around the house. You can combine with vinegar to clear a slow drain – pour a cup of baking soda into the drain and a cup of warm vinegar on top of it, wait 10 to 15 minutes, then flush it with hot water. You can also sprinkle it directly onto any toilet stains and, wait approximately 20 minutes and scrub the toilet for a sparkling clean finish. If you have really tough spots due to mineral deposits and lime buildups try using a pumice stone, it’s abrasive but not enough to damage your surfaces. Use baking soda with a damp microfiber sponge to shine and disinfect your tub, sink or shower door. For even best results. The cleaning pros suggest to leave some very hot water either in the tub or in the sink for about 10 minutes before cleaning, the steam helps loosen even the most stubborn stains.

Toilet brush

Taking care of the toilet brush is not exactly pleasant, What is worse is that unless you constantly replace it, it hosts hundreds of germs and bacteria, that make it smell pretty bad. A little trick to prevent all the above is to pour some all-purpose cleaner or even water and lemon juice into the brush holder. After this simple step, the whole bathroom will smell fresh and clean.


In order to save time and work efficiently, organize your space in sections. For example when you clean the shower walls always start from top to bottom. That goes also for large mirrors, doors and tiled walls. When you sweep or mop always begins from the farthest corner from the inside and out. Consider also a little multitasking, while you are waiting for your products to do their job don’t take a coffee break, clean something else and you will be done in a nick of time.

Use a toothbrush

If you have tiles either on the sink counter or in your shower, you have probably noticed that wiping them clean is not enough and you get stuck with the grime and discoloration of the grout. The best way to get rid of it is using an old toothbrush with baking soda and or vinegar.

Cleaning the bathroom shouldn’t be such a drag, with a little everyday care and organization it’s much easier to clean it and keep it clean longer. Remember to always have air circulation, especially after showering, in order to prevent humidity that causes mold, bacteria growth, and bad odors. Check the tub or shower drain often to avoid buildup and stains. Don’t waste too much money on chemical products, a little white vinegar, and baking soda are your bathrooms best friends.