7 Things You Won’t See at Movie Theaters Post COVID-19

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Movie theaters have taken a hard hit in the light of coronavirus. Movie theaters were shut down immediately because sitting in a room packed full of people to watch a movie was not an option in the midst of a pandemic. As cases begin to slow down in some states, a handful of theaters will be reopening. Needless to say, there will be made to the way movie theaters operate.

This pandemic has drastically changed many aspects of our lives and this includes our entertainment. Here are seven things you won’t see at movie theaters post coronavirus.

7. A Full Staff

In the past, having a full staff to ensure the best customer service was a top priority when it came to the operation of movie theaters. This is not the case anymore. Before the pandemic, these men and women in uniform would escort you to your seat, tear tickets, clean up messes and even remove people who were disruptive to other movie-goers. Movie theater employees will still be doing these tasks but to an extent. Since movie theaters will be required to have a much lower capacity now, there is no need for a full staff. Plus, it is important to consider the safety of not only the movie-goers but also the employees.

6. Paper Tickets

Paper tickets have been mainstream for as long as movie theaters have been around. Although, with advances in technology it has become more common to keep your movie ticket on your phone. To limit contact, ticket scanning will likely be done through your phone because coronavirus can live on paper for a certain amount of time. Luckily, in today’s world, full of smartphones and online reservations, people are more likely than ever to forgo traditional paper tickets for online tickets. This will not only entice millennials who are most likely to already be using contact-less forms of transactions, but also older people who are worried about catching the infectious disease through the tearing of paper tickets.

5. Recycled 3-D Glasses

When 3-D movies first came to be, disposable 3-D glasses were used. People would take the glasses to keep or throw them away because they were not useful anymore. Reusable 3-D glasses were made to limit waste. These glasses are given to the movie-goer to wear and then they are tossed into a bin afterward to sanitized and reused by others. Although reusable glasses were cost-effective and eco-friendly, they are not viable anymore. Movie theaters are not going to take any chances and will likely go back to the disposable glasses, if not put a halt on 3-D movies altogether.

4. Self-Serve Butter

Self-serve butter stations have been a crowd favorite for as long as they’ve existed.  Popcorn is a movie theater staple and what is popcorn without excessive amounts of butter? It is no question that these butter machines were infested with germs in the past. And, with the surge of coronavirus, it is likely that they will resort to individual butter packets or the employee will add the butter for you. Sadly, self-serve butter stations are likely to be forever gone because of the coronavirus.

3. Crowded Theaters

Movie theaters have lost a ton of money from the long period of time that they have been shut down. Ideally, they would strive to sell out as many seats as possible to make the most money. That is simply not going to happen post coronavirus. Now, with social distancing, movie theaters will be at half capacity. Choosing seats online before arrival has become very popular in recent years. Moviegoers will have limited options when choosing their online, so it is smart to book them as early as you can. After you choose your seats, other seats will need to be blocked out around you in order to ensure social distancing methods are followed. However, with the increase in movie ticket cost, this will give moviegoers more space. This will give moviegoers a more enjoyable and roomier experience.

2. People Without Masks

At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, seeing people without masks is very uncommon. At the movies, do not expect to see anyone without a mask. If you do, then they should not be allowed in the theater. Although it is not the most comfortable thing, both guests will be required to wear masks throughout the entirety of the show. And, employees will obviously be wearing their masks for their whole shift. Mask requirements have been implemented in basically any indoor facility, and movie theaters are no different. The only exception for when your mask can be down is with food and drink. Wearing a mask is crucial in ensuring health safety and security in public places.

1. People Hanging Out in the Lobby

You probably have waited in the movie theater lobby for a friend to arrive or ran into old friends and stood there for a while to catch up. When theaters open up, not only will they be at half capacity, but the lobby will be as clear as possible. This way, people can enter and exit as they wish without having to dodge people who are standing around. Not to worry, this new rule should not cause too much of a problem. You will still be able to buy the tickets prior and wait for your friends in the actual movie theater. And, if you do happen to run into people you know, you won’t get stuck in a long unwanted conversation with them.

While many things have changed about the fun, leisure activity of going out to the movies, many things are still the same. The comforting ambiance within the movie theater will stay the same as well as the snacks that movie theaters provide. Although many movies were watched at home during quarantine, nothing compares to the ambiance and snacks available at the theater. The price of going and seeing a movie in the theater doesn’t seem so bad since you probably forget what it is even like. Along with local restaurants, movie theaters deserve our investment in their services. If you live in states such as California, New Jersey and Maryland, a movie theater may be open near you.

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