8 Silent Signs You’re Not Taking Good Care of Yourself

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Lack of self-care can lead to some significant repercussions. Our busy lives make it seem as if there is no time for ourselves. The workaholic or busy parent who has no time for anyone or anything may want to take a look at eating patterns, relationships, general lifestyle and health.

Now might be the perfect time for those who are ultra-busy or even not so busy to take a step back and examine what is not so apparent to them and affecting their lives in more ways than they think.

Continue reading to find out what eight silent signs may be sending you a message to take better care of yourself.

8. Low Sex Drive

sex drive

If the urge to have sex is absent, experts advise that a doctor’s visit might be in your best interest. Hormone issues can play a significant role. Have discussions with your doctor doing lab tests to analyze hormones such as estriol, testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, etc.

An imbalance in hormones can cause weight gain, fatigue and depression. The demands of marriage and parenting children can factor in low sex urges as well. There is a 99% certainty that the lab testings will uncover the root causes.

7. Brain Fog

brain fog

Brain fog includes forgetfulness and spaciness. You could go through the door without your keys or your wallet! Dr. Martin G. Bloom, MD, warns against chalking up forgetfulness with growing old. The doctor says brain fog can be a hormone imbalance that impacts your cognitive skills.

Mind lapses in women can stem from a dysfunctional thyroid. Getting a comprehensive blood test and a thyroid test (for hormone and thyroid antibodies) will measure your hormone biomarkers.

The test will give you the root cause of your brain fog. A proper diet can also improve your cognitive functions. The intestinal microbiome connects your intestines and your brains. So good gut health means good brain function.

6. Constantly Stressed

stress, anxiety,

If it’s not one thing, it’s the other. Life consists of stressful situations. It may be family-related, work, relationship–you name it. Watching the news will only add additional stress to your day and send up your blood pressure. Some people don’t watch the news anymore!

All of that pressure every day can wreck your health. There is a corrosive hormone called cortisol that stays elevated when you are stressed. It causes people to be anxious, moody, depressed and unable to think clearly.

It can also increase body fat and inflammation in the body. Dr. Bloom advised that people do a gut cleansing to enable relaxation and help to manage stress.

5. Muscle Twitches in Your Legs

muscle twitch

Many people sit around at a desk every day, glued to a computer. So when you feel a muscle twitch or spasm, you pass it off as circulation problems.

Adonis Maiquez, MD, at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, warns that frequent spasms in the leg can mean low magnesium levels in the blood.

Dr. Maiquez says this can result in abnormal heartbeats that can cause cardiac arrest! The doctor recommends eating foods rich in almonds, pumpkin seeds and bananas.

4. Feeling Sleepy All the Time


Like exercise and proper diet, your sleep is key to your wellness. So if you are struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. Doctor Maiquez says you could be fighting sleep apnea.

This is where your airway collapse, disrupting your sleep cycle as you sleep. This is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease and weight gain.

As people age, their hormone levels become unbalanced, and this will have a domino effect of imbalances and deficiencies, causing sleep loss, explains Dr. Bloom. A simple visit to your doctor will have him giving you the appropriate tests to confirm your issues.

3. Tingling Hands and Feet

hand tingling

You may be struggling with a vitamin B12 deficiency if you have tingling hands and feet. This vital nutrient deficiency needs addressing immediately, or it will lead to anemia and other problems.

To improve your health and B12 intake, consume more leafy greens, beef, dairy products and salmon. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, speak with your doctor to receive a B12 supplement.

2. Acne Breakout

acne, breakout, stress

Acne is primarily a genetic or hormonal problem, but stress can trigger a breakout! Research shows that workplace stress or around school exam times acne flares up or gets worse, whether you’re disposed to the condition or not.

You could be eating too many starchy foods too, which increase blood sugar and cause inflammation. Dairy is also known to trigger an acne breakout.

1. Tiredness in the Afternoon

tired, busy

Busy morning on the job, then a heavy lunch in the afternoon is a loud invite to postprandial sleepiness. Foods rich in carbohydrates, like pizza, rice, sandwiches, etc., can give you a sugary high and crash you shortly after.

Low blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia, can make you feel tired in the afternoon. Instead of looking for a sweet pick-me-upper, search for mid-day meals that give you the required fats, veggies, protein and fiber.

Health is wealth!

The best type of wealth is good health and well-being. Try following the steps above, and you’ll be increasing your chances of a better life!