8 Things You Won’t See in Target Anymore

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Target Store

Due to new health and safety regulations enacted during the current pandemic, Target has made some changes to its store. That being said, here are eight things that you won’t see in Target anymore.

8. Fitting Rooms

Fitting Rooms
Source: Pixabay

In an article published by The New York Post back in May, a spokeswoman for Target said that the retail giant would be temporarily closing its fitting rooms “out of an abundance of caution.” But, the truth of the matter is that people need to try on clothing. The problem is that the government has offered no guidelines for when it comes to the sale of apparel and how to handle clothing that’s been inside a fitting room. As a result, Target and many other retailers have had to make their fitting rooms off-limits. There is one exception, however. On its website, Target announced that guests may still use their fitting rooms for nursing if requested.

Using their fitting rooms for breastfeeding mothers isn’t anything new, though. FOX 29 Philadelphia reported back in 2015 that the store was being applauded for their breastfeeding policy, which allows breastfeeding mothers to nurse in their fitting rooms or anywhere they choose within the store.