9 Best Android Games For Passing Time

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9 best android games - Modern Combat 5-Blackout

Everyone knows that some of the best android games which used to be free once, aren’t free anymore. There are some android games where you have to pay to play. So, in order to ensure that aren’t wasting your time and money, you should only be playing the best android games.

The great thing about android gaming is that whether you like endless runners or you like games like Grand Theft Auto, there is a game for you. There didn’t use to be this much variety in android gaming, but now more than ever there are myriad options to choose from. So here are the 9 best android games you should play:

9. Riptide GP2

Riptide 2 is wave racing game developed by Vector Unit. It brings the best wave race game back to smartphones, but this time, there are many additional features like online multiplayer and new tracks.

Everything about this game seems right. The world is amazingly detailed. There are different themes in which you can race on tracks high in the air or in frozen worlds of ice. There are eight worlds in total. There are also different types of races like career mode, elimination mode and freestyle events. The thing that makes the game even more interesting is that you can customize and upgrade your hydro-jets. Each upgrade costs more than the previous one. But, you can get the upgrades with slight effort on your part. All these features make the game worth playing.

8. Knightmare Tower

This game is one of the best android games out there because the premise of the game is quite simple. You are a knight who is trying to ascend a tower. You try to fly higher by bouncing yourself off enemies that are flying towards you from below. The more and better you attack, the smoother you fly. This is an endless runner. So you are probably going to fail initially. But no worries, you are collecting tons of new rewards and abilities which will keep you glued to your phone.

This game is good for gamers who like to play easy games with big rewards and abilities. However, this game isn’t fit for those people who like long session games. Even if you last for some time, the game is going to be over quickly, again and again.

7. Dragon Heroes

Dragon Heroes is a virtual shooter game with RPG (Role play games) elements in it. DH provides a lot of depth to quite a simple genre. You can go through different levels and unlock various upgrades and skills which are quite necessary for killing the bosses of each level.

The shooting game play is colorful and energetic and the controls are also quite easy. The only downside is the absurd loading time of the game, which can be irritating for some users. Mostly, it’s quickly forgotten when you blast a few opponents. However, it can be very frustrating when you want a quick game and you have to wait for several minutes for the next level. But the game is, nevertheless, versatile and you should definitely give it a go.

6. Alone

People who play the classic games like Canabalt, and don’t appreciate them, probably don’t understand what these games are trying to do. They give the user the thrill of being barely in control and having the simplest controls to survive. Alone takes this concept and boosts it.

Instead of leaping between buildings, you have to save your aircraft from crashing into rocks. Even a single digit can cause big time damage to the ship. There are occasional warnings given like the directions of incoming projectiles. The ship also repairs itself sometimes. It’s quite different when compared to other games of this class, but nevertheless, it will have an intoxicating effect on you and you will remain stuck in the game for hours.

5. Dead Effect 2

You might say that this game isn’t fully original or game changing, however, it is one of the best Android games present in the market. You can wander around in the game and test your problem solving skills as you try to survive.

The thing which makes this game a deserving member of this list are the game’s amazing graphics. They are quite stunning. If your device meets the requirements of the game, you are sure to enjoy a roller coaster ride. The mechanics and controls of the game can be customized, so you should check the game options if you feel that the controls are a bit too loose or not up to your standards.

4. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best android FPS (first person shooter) games and there is a good reason behind it. The gameplay is quite addicting, the controllers are easy and the graphics are simply amazing, covering exceptional details.

There are about 40 million people left on the planet, whom you have to defend with your high powered weapons. You can also get additional weapons like a Gatling gun or chainsaw or you can buy weapons with actual money if you are up for that. With an amazing and continuously updated story, it is one of the best games to play, show off the graphics to friends or family or just waste time. But you should beware that the game is quite addicting and sometimes, you would find yourself spending extra money to get more weapons. The developers of this game have called in for a new game “Unkilled” which is coming later this year, so watch out for it.

3. Limbo

The term “masterpiece” is coined for only a few games and Limbo is one of the games which deserves such high praise. It is the story of a boy who makes his way through a dark world while looking for his sister. Basically, the game is nothing more than simple puzzles, but its amazing design and stark visuals change it into something else entirely.

This game will give you chills the first time you see a strange figure standing in the distance. You will also get chills when being chased by a giant arachnid, who is ready to cut you in half. The death is never the end in the game. You will have to play each scene many times until you pass it.

2. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is one of the best endless runner android games because it redefined the endless running genre. This game will make your hair pull out when you die before the 1 million or 10 million high score. It is a sequel to Temple Run and continues its legacy in a very good way.

The game is a bit complex for people who aren’t used to tilting and swiping their cellphones. You will have to make turns in the game and swiping in a certain direction is the way you make turns. The goal of the game is similar to other endless runners. You need to keep running in a certain direction and get as many coins and rewards as you can. You can unlock other characters by simply earning more coins or you can use actual money to buy new characters, the choice is yours.

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The fifth installment of Modern Combat 5 deserves to be at the top of this list. It is the first of all the five games of this series which is completely free. The game features some of the best graphics and tons of action, with plenty of weapons and grenades to throw around. Modern Combat 5 has an excellent campaign mode where the world is on the brink of anarchy. There are even five different classes you can move up to.

The Specs-Ops missions of the game are even more fun, and what makes the game even better is that it has stunning graphics and some of the best voice actors which give you a realistic gaming console experience. So you should definitely play this game.

Previously, it was thought that gaming was something reserved only for video games and computers. However, the concept is quickly changing because many of the best android games are at par with computer games.

Android games are quickly becoming the in thing of the modern day and age. People post their high scores of different games on the internet and are praised by other people. So if you want to join the fun, you need to play these best android games.