9 Insanely Cool Products You Should Know About

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Cool Products

So many new and innovative products pop up every-day. There’s even a show dedicated to entrepreneurs pitching their product ideas, known as Shark Tank. You probably have never heard of many of the insanely cool items out there that can enhance and improve your life. Check out these amazing items below, and you may wish you knew about them sooner.



FIXD is a device that diagnoses car problems and helps you prepare them on your own. It is a way to save yourself from expensive car repairs. Most people don’t know much about mechanics and could be spending more on car repairs than necessary. Car repair workers could be taking advantage of your mechanical ignorance and charge you for something you could have easily fixed yourself. But here’s a new device that will tell you what’s wrong with your car just by plugging it into the car!

If your car was built after 1996, then you can use this device. The FIXD will instantly diagnose any car problems you may have. There is an onboard diagnostic port under the dashboard below the steering wheel where you plug the FIXD in it. Once it is plugged in, you can check for problems on the FIXD app on your smartphone. The app will inform you if/when there are any issues. It will also provide an estimated cost to fix any problem and let you know the consequences if you don’t fix those issues.

8. XY Find It

Xy Find It App
Source: XY Find It

Wow! You should be running to get one of these if you are someone that loses things often. Attach this coin-size tracking device to any item, and you will know where it is at all times. The XY-Find It App displays for you how far you are from your purse or keys or whatever you lose. It will make an alarm and help you find the exact location.

If you lose something, millions of people using the app network will be able to help you locate your lost item. Cellphones are commonly lost. Use XY Find It to ring your phone even when it’s in silent mode. It will be the fastest you’ll ever find your phone. This device helps you find and keep your stuff like your wallet, car, bag, bike, etc.

7. Dodow

Dow Dow
Source: Nerd Techy

Throw out your sleeping pills and melatonin gummies, and get yourself a Dodow. In a fast-moving world where people get little sleep or have trouble sleeping, the Dodow is picking up the slack.164 million or 68% of Americans struggle with sleep, which must be one of the reasons the Dodow online sale is surging in recent months.

Scientific research proves that it helps you fall asleep quicker and gives you more restful sleep. All you need to do is put the small circular device on your nightstand. It emits a soft blue light that rhythmically glows. Just turn it on, and breathe in and out with the light. Before you know it, you’re out like a light!

6. Key Smart


Do you have a ton of different keys that you have trouble keeping track of? With the Key Smart, you can put all of your keys into one single, smart key chain and throw out your old key chain for good. This durable key chain holder will hold up to 14 keys safely. It consists of two 3mm thick plates made of aluminum. You can take it anywhere, and it won’t get damaged.

You’ll no longer have to deal with unsightly bundles of keys. No one will hear you from miles away, struggling to find the right key, and you won’t hear that annoying jiggle as you walk. It’s convenient, and it’s the way of the future!

5. Acupuncture Pads

Acupressure Mats

Let’s face it; chronic pains become more frequent as we grow older. Whether it’s back pain, hip pain or neck pain, it can be very frustrating when you can’t move around as you wish. Your quality of life can be better with this device that is designed to reduce your pain.

Multiple brands make acupuncture pads as they have become increasingly popular. Simply lay on the mat, and it will provide relief in seconds. You can use this drug-free alternative anywhere, any-time, to provide sweet relief on the go. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can easily pack it when you travel.

4. Mr. Heater Buddy

Heat Buddy
Source: Field & Stream

You can heat your room or cold outdoor space with a Mr. Heater Buddy! In the cold winter months, this product can save you money by reducing your heat bill. You won’t need to worry about having to bundle up in layers of clothing and blankets.

Heat Buddy is portable and comes with adjustable settings for your convenience. Life is more comfortable with your family as you heat one room at a time. Your heater doesn’t need to be on all day! Use Heat Buddy to heat your space quickly and effectively.

3. Super Boost Wi-Fi

Wifi Booster

It’s frustrating to be moving from place to place in your home to pick up the strongest Wi-Fi signal, especially when you do remote work from home. Is the Wi-Fi in your house much stronger for you downstairs than upstairs? This problem will be no longer with a Wi-Fi Booster that creates a strong signal throughout your home from corner to corner.

2. Doc Socks

Foot Pain Doc Socks

If you deal with foot pain, Doc Socks are for you. Foot pain is debilitating! If you are not careful, the pain can topple you over. When you put on a pair of these pain-relieving socks, they will undoubtedly improve your life, whether you have extreme foot inflammation or just slight pain. It’s important to get outside and walk nowadays since many of us are stuck working at home, and foot pain shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

1. Wireless Chargers


No more fiddling with cords and using phone chargers that stop working after a short while. With a wireless charger, you just place your cellphone on it to charge and pick up when you are ready to go. The overall performance of your phone increases, and you’ll notice an improvement in battery life! Plus, it will help reduce unnecessary screen time because you can’t be on your phone as it charges.

As we conclude, you may be interested in exploring what other cool products are out there that you have never heard of before! Cool gadgets and innovative devices make life easier. Some products can even help us to be healthier as we continue our different journeys through life.