9 Legal Ways to Watch Movies for Free

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Some streaming services make watching your favorite movies difficult and expensive. You probably don’t even realize how much money is being stripped away from you each month because of various subscriptions.

Well, lucky for you, we know how you can watch your favorite movies for free. Continue reading to find out which streaming services you can utilize legally for no cost!

9. Tubi

Tubi stocks up with an assortment of new, great movies, unlike some of the other free streaming companies. Due to their partnership with Warner Brother, MGM, Paramount and Lion’s Gate, anyone can enjoy a vast amount of movies of all genres. You can stream from anywhere and from any platform!

They have Apple TV, Amazon Fire Support and Chromecast in their corner. Tubi can afford to legally allow free movies because they show ads in the middle of streaming. The number of ads is low, however. It’s a small non-monetary price to pay for their stellar collection of freebies.


When you want to watch a great TV series, and an exceptional movie, tune in to IMDb. It is a leading entertainment source, and you can gauge the authentic goodness of content if it’s on IMDb. You may not have known that they also have a streaming service called IMDbTV.

You get to stream great series and a mammoth movie collection of all genres for free. You don’t need to subscribe as they too are ad-supported. Sadly, it’s for users in the US only, on any device, including the Xbox series and Play station 4.

7. Vudu

If you aren’t an adrenaline junky always looking for the newest, most exhilarating films, then Vudu is for you. Vudu gives you more classic varieties and films that are meaningful but not as trendy as black busters.

You can buy newer and more well-known films from the Vudu library and watch them without ads, as there are some films that you can’t watch unless you pay. The site operates by showing ads in your streaming. The service is available globally and is accessible on any device through the Vudu website.

6. Crackle

This site offers a satisfying collection of films. At the same, you get TV and stays in the know. Crackle, unlike others, gives a vast arsenal of originals. The site is also bursting with anime titles, and all for free!

The US, Australia and 18 Latin American countries can access Crackle. Users can also use the alternative method of fast VPN services worldwide.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a platform that delivers original films right throughout the year. It’s highly ad-supported but has a comprehensive library of films for your browsing and choosing pleasure. There is certainly no shortage.

The website supports all devices. For those in love with those soulful films, you’ll get more than your fill. Get your popcorn, relax and indulge.

4. CONtv

This site delivers a wide array of TV series and enjoyable movies of all sorts, but mostly horror. And we don’t know if it’s their intention or not, but browsing through their catalog is a beautiful experience.

The interface is so stunning you feel you must choose something to watch. The 2015 debut site also has its own collection of comics –from horror to laughter — that you can access via the CONtv website. Any way you take it, you will be screaming!

3. Kanopy

Access Kanopy using your university or public library card, as the avant-garde cinema and TV are not free for everyone. If you want to enjoy the best films ever created, Kanopy awaits you.

Watch classic black and white or Oscar-winning modern movies. Meet the sign-in requirements and have an experience second to none. You can also check out their mobile and TV apps.

2. Mediaverse by Plex

Although Mediaverse by Plex is predominantly about classics, some new flix surprise users. The website started as Plex, allowing users to indulge in their personal media library, and it has now evolved to a new and free streaming platform named Mediaverse. Access their website globally through a browser or their official app.

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV has grown to a massive 36 million users since its launch in 2013. Its success is due mainly to its spread over 20 countries and its arsenal of films of multiple genres and TV series.

There are on-demand videos and live channels. The site operates as a cable TV instead of a streamer like Netflix. It still gives you endless access to quality, free content.

Let the movie nights begin!

Thankfully, these streaming services deliver quality content to a part of the global population that craves this type of service. There are so many options available if you don’t want to spend on streaming services, or you just cannot afford them.

The popular, chased-after platforms don’t stock up on classics like these free streamers. You can watch to your heart’s content without fearing a lawsuit for infringement on rights of use on a particular site. So go ahead and view your world on a streaming stage.

Movie lovers should make use of these free platforms and save their money to do something else. You may find that there is no need to pay monthly subscriptions for entertainment and recreation. You can have the same content totally free! You’re not cheap — you’re smart.

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