9 Signs Your Dog Is Unhappy

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Sad Dog

According to experts, dogs have the intelligence of a two-year-old child. That would suggest that they need constant attention like your children!

They aren’t really your children, though, are they? Many people pay limited attention to their dogs because they simply don’t have the time to give them the love they need.

If you are one of those people, you may want to find the time to ensure your dog is as happy as can be. If you are curious to know if you’re dog is receiving enough love and attention, look out for the following nine signs.

9. Sleeping All the Time

Sleepy Dog

Dogs don’t sleep a lot because they’re bored or lazy. They are not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, which are necessary for them to live a long and healthy life. Snoozing away is a silent cry for help!

The old adage says, “we don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” This also applies to our canine friends. With that said, it’s time to set aside time every day to have playtime with your dog. Doing this will make your pup much happier and healthier.

8. Destructive Dog

Depressed Dog

Are you too busy to spend some quality time with your dog? Maybe you’re a workaholic, online junkie or addicted to your phone. If this sounds like you, it is time to make some changes.

Your dog will try to tell that they want that tummy rub or run around the block. Some dogs show symptoms of withdrawal from food or play.

For example, they’ll begin to display destructive behavior to seek attention. They may no longer greet you at the door. All of this can easily go away. Get off your gadget and get outside with your pet to show you love them.

7. Doing Their Business Inside

Dog Pee Depressed

A depressed dog shows emotional stress by urinating or defecating in the house. Seek veterinary help to ensure there are no other reasons but the depression that’s causing your dog to behave this way.

6. Finding Other Ways To Distract Themselves

Dog Unhappy

A bored dog might also express himself by chewing on furniture, barking more than normal or digging in the garbage. What else is there for them to do?! This weird behavior from your dog should prompt you into immediate attention action!

5. Your Dog Gets Chubby

Fat Dog

Dogs are not able to order pizza delivery service nor raid the refrigerator. The way to their hearts is not only through their stomachs, but it’s also through rough-housing and exercise. So if they get fat, it’s probably your doing.

Feeding them to replace affection will make the dog fat, lethargic and disinterested in life. Instead of throwing sweet treats at your pet, throw him some quality time every day.

You should be monitoring your dog’s calorie intake as well as the quality of their food. It is essential to a dog’s life! So start being a good pet parent and feed your pooch the nutrients he needs.

4. Your Dog Won’t Eat

Dog Food

If your dog loves their food and then begins to refuse it, that’s a red flag that you can’t ignore. Yes, take your dog to the Vet, but don’t rule out emotional distress. Stress and anxiety can lead to a lack of appetite. They are probably looking for more love and attention in his life.

3. Getting Riled Up

Dog Unhappy Anxiety

It can be annoying when dogs start making a nuisance of themselves, but that usually means they have a lot of built-up energy that needs to be released. Dogs are meant to play and run daily. Sitting inside all day is not part of their nature.

So, when they get riled up, they are not sick or being silly. They are probably unhappy and want your attention. So take some time to return the affection you are getting from your dog. That source may dry up if they don’t feel the love in return.

2. Chewing on Shoes

Dog Shoe Chewing

Has your dog ever stolen your shoes to have a good chewing session? This usually happens when dogs are younger because they are teething just as a baby would.

If your adult dog is chewing on shoes, there may be a problem. It could be that your dog is bored, showing signs of anxiety or doesn’t have a bone to chew on. To fix this problem, head out to the pet store and grab your dog a delicious bone. They will surely appreciate it!

1. Your Dog Is Barking at You

Dog Barking

If your dog barks directly at you or any of your family members, you should listen. It means that they are unhappy. It’s not that he wants to harm anyone! He’s not a crazy-mad dog either. It is just him saying, “play with me,” in dog language. He wants your attention! Soon he’ll start pawing at you determinedly. Some dogs are really insistent like that, which is alright!

Dogs continue to be man’s best friend because of their very nature to stick by you. So take care of your pets and give them the attention they deserve to keep them happy and healthy!