9 Terrible Over-Cleaning Habits

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Some people are perfectionists, some have germ-related phobias and some are merely passionate about doing a great job of keeping their environment spic and span.

While nothing is wrong with cleanliness, some problems can arise from over-cleaning. Overdoing it is a waste of energy and will cost you in the long run. So, let’s see how you are damaging your stuff by over-cleaning.

9. Extra Laundry Detergent

The best way to make sure your clothes are sparkling clean is to follow the detergent package directions. Stuffing the machine with excessive amounts of soap will not make your clothes cleaner or whiter. They can come out still dirty, as too many suds act as a cushion and trap the dirt in the clothes.

The clothes tend to come out of the machine with white spots, dirt stains and feel greasy to the touch. This means you will have to wash again. It’s a waste of time, waste of detergent and waste of electricity and water. Do it right once!

8. Cleaning the Mirror for Every Fingerprint

Of course, you should clean your mirror. A dirty mirror in a house detracts from the cozy vibe of the room. And nothing is more disgusting than when you’re trying to find a clean spot on a dirty mirror to look at yourself.

However, don’t go attacking every fingerprint with your cleaning agent! Too much cleanser or moister can lift backing from the mirror, and over time, blotches will appear. And if the backing is gone, the mirror is in danger of falling out and break.

7. Extra Dishwasher Detergent 

Your extra dirty dishes won’t get any cleaner with extra soap. You will do your dishes more harm than good, as too much soap can leave spots, soap film and residue.

The same applies if you have a lighter load—use less detergent to avoid the same problems. The excess detergent can stay in your dishwasher and that same film builds up into mold.

6. Using a Vacuum Cleaner for Hair Shedding

Although vacuuming may be the easiest way to get rid of your stray hair, it’s not the best thing for your vacuum cleaner. The long strands can entangle themselves in the brush roll inside the vacuum.

You can, however, use your vacuum cleaner to clean pet hair in the house. Having dog and cat hair all over the house is not a good look. Luckily, the vacuum can handle it.

5. Rushing When Wiping Down Counters

You should be cleaning your surfaces daily, especially during the pandemic. But do not rush the process! You want your place to look shiny and attractive, so proper buffing is a must.

Other than that, the film left behind makes your surface appear dull and drab. Furthermore, if you rush your surface, you may be leaving germs behind that will contaminate yourself and others.

4. Excessive Water on Wooden Floors

We always want our floors to look squeaky clean, but there is no need to need to be excessive. Soaking your wooden floors can damage them beyond repair. They can become swollen and warped, thus wiping out your investment! In this case, remember that less is more in the long run.

3. Washing Clothes After Every Wear

The recommendation is for us to wear some of our clothes at least three times before washing with the exception of gym wear. Too much washing and drying fade your clothes and damages your fabric.

Pretty soon, raveling begins, and you are forced to buy new clothes.  Saving money these days when jobs are short and times are uncertain, many people are cutting back on waste. So, make your clothes last!

2. Softening Rough Towels with Extra Fabric Softener

Attempting to soften already rough towels will not work. If you keep applying the same solution and getting the same unwanted result, it’s time to desist from doing it. It’s the extra softener that’s causing your towels to feel so rough.

That heavy pour is not only ruining towels but wasting fabric softener as well. So, use the recommended diluted amount and save your towels from feeling greasy, stiff and scratchy.

1. Spraying Dusting Polish Directly on Furniture

For beautiful, shiny and dust-free furniture, spraying directly onto it with excessive amounts of dusting polish is not the answer. What will end up happening is a filmy build-up that will be hard to clean off.

The correct thing to do is, spray on the cloth and wipe down your furniture gently. If you prefer spraying your furniture, you will need to do it lightly. After you dust, make sure to buff and then use a clean cloth to wipe away any residue.

Change Your Habits

The trick to stopping over-cleaning habits is to marshal a conscious awareness and focus on what you’re doing. Spend time focusing on measurements and stop wasting cleaning agents.

When you change your cleaning habits for the better, your cherished home devices, furniture and other items will take on new life and serve much longer. Who wants to be spending time shopping repeatedly for the same items only to destroy them by over-cleaning?

So, armed with this knowledge, start doing household chores the correct way and reap sweet rewards!

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