9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home

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The never-ending dust nuisance is a problem for everyone. Particularly for those who suffer from sinus problems or are allergic to dust. The discomfort of stuffiness, runny nose and teary eyes can be a real drag.

Dust quickly builds up, so we all should be dusting regularly. However, it is not a fun chore. Nobody wants to get up every day to the same dusting routine! So, here are some helpful solutions to get rid of dust in your home.

9. Regularly Wash Your Pillows

Here’s something that you may not have known: Your pillows are crawling with dust mites! Your dead skin turns into a feasting ground for them. Hundreds of them can survive in one gram of dust because they are so tiny.

Dust mites are invisible to the eye, so you won’t even realize that they are there. You can get rid of these critters by washing your pillows frequently!

8. Mop Hardwood Floors Often

All floors carry dust. Hardwood floors are no exception. They will not hesitate to hold the dust in place. When you traverse the different spaces in your home every day, dust particles ascend and spread on your skin and furniture. Don’t forget to clean those hard-to-reach places under the furniture.

Some people don’t like to move items and clean, so dust accumulates overtime under your stuff. If possible, mop and vacuum at least twice a week. Sweeping only does a subpar job at gathering all of the dust particles. You must mop to achieve sparkling clean floors!

7. Close Windows

There is nothing like sweet, vibrant fresh air. But with that fresh air comes dust particles and pollen. Keeping your windows closed will not eliminate all dust, but the pollen that causes allergies for some people will stay outside.

6. Clean Window Coverings

Curtains and blinds collect excess dust when they go awhile without cleaning. They attract dust from outside and inside. Check your drapes to see if they’re machine washable or they need to be dry cleaned. After that, get to work washing or dry cleaning.

It is best to use a microfiber cloth to wipe down blinds because they are great at trapping dust. You can either wipe them dry or use a damp cloth for more stubborn dust.

5. Beat Your Rugs

Rugs trap dust like it’s their job because it is! The fibers in the rug trap the dust, and every time you walk on it, dust is collected and released. Give your rugs a good shake multiple times a week. You can also use your broom to beat the dust out each time you sweep. Washing your rugs every week is ideal.

4. Use Mats at Every Entrance

One way to avoid excessive amounts of dust and dirt from entering your home is to have a mat at every entrance. Head to the store and get yourself a welcome mat for your front door.

Everyone needs one to trap the dirt outside before guests make their initial entrance toy your home. You can also have another mat on the inside immediately as you step inside. That leftover dirt now gets a big surprise! Keep that dust and dirt on the mat at all costs!

3. Implement the No Shoes Rule

It is a habit for most people to wipe their feet on the mat before coming into a house. What’s even more effective is taking off your shoes completely. Wherever you go, your shoes will always track dirt and lodge bacteria. Taking your shoes off prevents germs from entering your home from outside. This is especially important when you have young children crawling around.

2. Get an Air Purifier

You can’t go wrong with a magical air purifier. We are in our homes more than ever these days, so the air we breathe should be purified. That annoying dust that floats through the air can be harmful to your health and should be gotten rid of.

Invest in an air purifier that can trap 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold and bacteria in your space. When you own an air purifier, you’ll have fresh air, clear lungs and de-congested sinuses. Check out the top five purifiers to protect your home against COVID-19!

1. You Always Forget the Ceiling!

Have you looked up at your ceiling lately? Take a look, and you’ll probably see some unpleasant sights. Cobwebs and dusty vents can easily go unnoticed, but they need to be taken care of.

Believe it or not, dust particles are frequently falling on you. All you need is a ladder and a soft brush attached to your vacuum cleaner. If that’s not an option for you, use a rubber band to tie a micro-fiber cloth around your broom and dust away!

Another One Bites the Dust

Dust problems are never-ending. Although millions of people are not adversely affected by dust, a huge percentage of the population has allergic reactions to dust and pollen. Innovative ways to minimize the effect of dust on your environment are always being discovered.

Taking care of dust isn’t always something we want to do, but everyone is responsible for cultivating a clean environment. Consistently keeping up with cleaning will mitigate the chance of dust appearing in your space. The listed tips are here to help!

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