Top 10 Anime moms you won’t forget

anime mothers- Ragyo Kiryuin Kill la Kill

Before we begin, no, this list is NOT going to be about anime moms who sport the “hairstyle of death”. Instead, we’re going to shed some light on the moms that have appeared in anime and we definitely will not be forgetting! Some of them are kind and loving, while some anime moms are just downright nasty.

DISCLAIMER: This list may contain spoilers.

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10. Nobuko Izumi (Parasyte – the Maxim)

Nobuko Izumi is the mother of Shinichi from the horror anime and manga series Parasyte. A kind and caring woman, she ultimately meets her demise through the same monsters her son is fighting. Nobuko is a great mom who cares for Shinichi a lot. In a flashback scene we see that in order to save Shinichi from a kitchen mishap, she ends up getting hurt herself, resulting in a burn mark.

9. Inko Midoriya (Boku no Hero Academia)

Inko is much like her son Deku, often worrying a lot and feeling emotions a bit too much. Inko might panic and cry excessively (and sometimes even pass out), but nonetheless she cares about Deku a lot and is very proud of him. Like all moms, she’s also very protective and concerned about her son. Inko is also a very humble woman, as we see that she’s able to admit she’s in the wrong and apologize.

8. Aria Sanka (Sankarea)

A maid-turned-stepmother, Aria Sanka is one of the anime mothers who are pretty cruel. But her uncaring and cold personality can probably be understood by all the rejection and broken dreams she went through. It’s definitely true that Aria is rude and resentful but she actually used to be a sweet and kind woman when she first married her master, Dan’ichiro.

Aria was the one who took care of Dan when his first wife died and she was overjoyed to do so, as she loved him genuinely. Unfortunately, after discovering the kind of pictures Dan took of the daughter Rea, Aria’s whole world crashed and she became bitter, jealous and despised Rea.

7. Satsuki Matsumae (Hanasaku Iroha)

Satsuki Matsumae is another mother who’s been irresponsible and neglectful. Although having big aims of a novelist and journalist, Satsuki abandons her daughter at a very young age. In order to escape from her boyfriend’s debt, she elopes with him but leaves her child Ohana behind. Not only was Satsuki neglectful but she also made excuses that she was raising Ohana to be “independent”. She does have a pretty big impact on Ohana and the place that she left, but perhaps not in the best way.

6. Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

You must definitely know about the Elric brothers’ mom, Trisha. Although she does not get much screentime, she’s very important to the story as her death is the reason Ed and Al’s adventure begins. Trisha is a very optimistic and cheerful woman, who believes everybody can change for the better. Even after Van Hohenheim left her and the boys, she still loved him dearly.

5. Sanae Furukawa (Clannad)

Sanae is so beautiful and youthful that people accidentally think that she and her daughter Nagisa are actually sisters. Probably one of the few anime moms that look like teenagers! Pretty sure you’d assume so too if you’ve never seen the anime and come across an image of them. Just like her appearance, Sanae is sometimes also childish, hence she cries instantly if she’s hurt. Despite this, she can be very reliable. She works as a tutor and a baker and often has eccentric ideas about bread.

4. Carla Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Eren’s mother Carla Yeager is a strict but caring woman. She expresses much concern for her son when she found out he wanted to be a part of the Survey Corps. If you do not remember much about her, you will surely remember the speculated sacrifice she makes. In the anime, although Trisha says she is trapped under the rubble and cannot use her legs, she evidently is able to move them when the Smiling Titan grabs her. It is said that she pretended to be stuck on purpose, so Eren and Mikasa could be safe since the Titan would target her instead.

3. Ragyo Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

Not an angel from any angle, the antagonist of Kill la Kill is one hell of a mom. Ragyo Kiryuin does not even see her daughters as her children, but mere tools to get what she wants (which is total control of the world obviously). This evil lady has proven that anime moms can be deadly too. Very sadistic in nature, Ragyo enjoys being overpowered and destroying others.

She also has a very vain and egoistic personality. However, she presents herself fashionably and flaunts her attractiveness. Ragyo has a notable rainbow-like hairstyle. If you can’t love this woman, you definitely will not be able to forget her.

2. Sachiko Fujinuma (ERASED/Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)

From the recently released anime ERASED, Sachiko Fujinuma has won all our hearts. Sachiko is a mom anybody can look up to. Having worked as a news anchor, she has a keen eye and notices any odd things in the environment. She’s also very supportive of her son, the protagonist Satoru and helps him in any way she can. Sachiko is a very resilient and strong woman. It was also her death that resulted in Satoru travelling back 18 years in time, hence beginning the story.

1. Michiko Malandro (Michiko and Hatchin)

If you have not heard of Michiko, you really should. Michiko Malandro is a self-ruling, glamorous and pompous young woman. Oh, she’s also an escaped convict. But don’t let this fool you, she’s also a skilled fighter and deep down is very passionate and tender. Some might even say Michiko is rude, arrogant and crass, however Michiko is so much more. She rescues Hana, who she believes is the daughter of the love of her life. Together, they go on an adventure to find the man.

Although technically not the real mother to Hana (maybe not even a mom at all), Michiko no doubt still stands out as one of the best anime moms despite her own shortcomings, because of the unwavering dedication she has put forward. Michiko might not show the traditional signs of motherhood, but she did an excellent job of taking care of Hana/Hatchin.

You might be wondering why we didn’t include moms from anime that are pretty popular and mainstream, but we really just wanted to make a list that was distinct, and of course, these anime moms mentioned are definitely worth knowing at least, even if you don’t see the anime. We hope you enjoyed reading this list!