Avoid Using Paper Towels in These Situations

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Paper Towels

Many households use paper towels in multiples and dispose of them just the same. The problem is, paper towels are bad for the environment. Manufacturing them requires a lot of energy, fuel, water and trees. So, it is best to only use paper towels when absolutley necessary.

Paper towels are an easy alternative to good old washcloths and dish towels. Having easy access to the fly off the shelf commodity doesn’t mean that it’s always correct to be using them for all cleaning purposes.

Here are eight situations where you should avoid using paper towels.

8. Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning Bath Tub

We are so accustomed to reaching for paper towels to clean things up that you may even opt for it when cleaning your bathroom. But doing this will only waste paper and you’ll be spending much longer slaving over your sink, shower and tub. A super scum removing solution is vinegar and dishwashing soap. This cuts through the grime, and you can then wipe it down with a reusable wet cloth.

7. Your Carpets and Rugs

Carpet Rug Clean Paper Towel

You cannot efficiently clean a carpet spill with a paper towel! No way! The residue from the paper towel will latch on to your carpet, and the spilled liquid is likely to dissolve further into the carpet. The paper is not as absorbent as you think and will not do a good job.

Instead, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe up the spill. Let the area dry, then vacuum. If you need to scrub stains, go gentle and use a sponge, then vacuum the area. Scrubbing with a paper towel pushes the lint deeper into the carpet and makes it hard to vacuum.

6. Your Dinner Plates


Never use paper towels to wipe your dishes, whether you are drying or wiping them off after being in storage. No matter how great the temptation, it’s just not a good idea. Paper fibers and chemicals can be left on the plates and get into your digestive system. Instead, use one of your dishcloths–a dry one for damp dishes and a damp one for wiping those in storage.

5. Silverware


Do you ever use paper towels to dry off your silverware? Maybe you do it every day! Well, it’s time to stop. You can still make them all shiny without using a paper towel. It’s best to use tools designed for that particular purpose. So, use a cleaning cloth instead!

4. Cleaning Produce


For food hygiene purposes, you must wash your veggies and fruits after purchase. Because the paper towel is so handy, you may be tempted to use them to dry excess water. Don’t do it! It’s best to rinse produce in a colander and then lay them on an absorbent towel or mat used for drying.

You can also use an absorbent towel to dry stuff like tomatoes and cauliflower. These mats and cloths will also protect your items from scratches and bruises, which can happen with the paper towel.

3. Dusting Around the House

Paper Towel Dust

Using a paper towel to dust your home decor will only transfer dust from one spot to the next. If you want to remove dust, use tools made for cleanings, such as dusters and cloths. These collect and trap the dust in the cleaning surface.

A 13 piece Swiffer Duster Heavy Duty Extender Starter Kit may be what you need for the home. It picks up your allergens and dust and can extend up to three feet to get those out of reach crevices.

2. Cleaning Screens 

Paper Towel

Whatever you do, keep that versatile paper towel away from your laptop, TV and cellphone. Experts do not recommend paper towels to clean delicate glass surfaces because the material is somewhat abrasive.

The fiber can create permant scratches and damage to your screen. Instead, use a microfiber cloth or product made for that purpose. You can easily cause damage to your beloved gadgets if not handled gently.

1. Your Cutting Board

Paper Towel Cutting Board

After cutting up meats or other foods on your cutting board, you must clean it well. Not with a paper towel, however! For starters, the paper towel will not absorb all the residue left on the board. It’s best to wash your cutting board with dish soap and dry it with a high-quality cloth.

We continue to search for better alternatives and more efficient ways to clean our homes. More eco-friendly alternatives are being introduced to the market frequently.

Paper towels are still a hot commodity that has its place and will be with us for a while, no doubt. But why not try out reusable paper towels, where one sheet can last up to seven days. As the world becomes a more enlightened place, we hope saving the environment will be a top priority for all!