Beloved American Food Chains Closing Due to COVID-19

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American Food Chains

COVID-19 is having a huge impact on businesses across the United States. Many are facing closure and bankruptcy. This article will take a close look at the top American food chains closing due to COVID-19.

History of American Food Chains

The United States has gained a worldwide reputation for its many fast-food restaurants. However, decades ago, the country also became home to American food chains. Families would flock to the hubs to enjoy a Sunday meal or splurge on a tasty dessert. These restaurants quickly became a dine-out standard for people to gather together on a weekend or weekday.

COVID-19 and American Food Chains 

American food chains serve healthy and wholesome food choices that quickly became the fabric of the country. Sadly, the COVID-19 has dismally impacted such long-standing franchises.

These businesses’ backbones are families, and with everyone staying home (afraid to go out for fear of catching the deadly virus), businesses like these started to take a tailspin. 

Financial Downturn of Classic Chains 

Many economists predict that some of the classic chains facing financial turmoil might not be able to recover. They will have to close their doors forever because many families have stopped dining out and are now eating at home more often to stay safe.

The six American food chains below have recently declared bankruptcy, and they will likely disappear forever. Yes, a few might be able to restructure their debt and continue to serve the public for additional years, while others will downsize to fewer locations. Unfortunately, many will also close their doors forever, ending a piece of American history.