14 Best Foods To Cook in Your Air Fryer

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12. Steak 


Cooking steak in the air fryer is a must-try. When done correctly, you’ll get a perfect filet just how you like it. You can season the steak with a small amount of olive oil, salt and pepper before cooking. And to ensure that the steak is cooked properly, flip it halfway through the cooking.

11. Chickpeas 

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The air fryer can cook your chickpeas and transform them into a crispy, savory treat. First, wash your garbanzo and remove the skin from them before you toss the beans in oil and seasonings. After that, they are ready for the air fryer to crisp them up.

10. Donuts


Donuts can be made right at home using the air fryer instead of a deep fryer. Not only will this oil-less option help you cut calories from the donuts, but they will taste amazing. Once they are cooked, you can decide the coating you would like. We recommend butter, cinnamon and sugar or sugary glaze.