Best Products To Buy At Best Buy And The Ones To Avoid Entirely

Shopping Bestbuy

For many people, Best Buy remains one of the most competitive retailers around. Along with that, there are some things you might want to think twice about before checkout.

The Best Buy app is the best way to get real-time deals, coupons, and discounts on items ranging from laptops and cellphones to major household appliances. Another consideration is to join the My Best Buy membership to receive exclusive member-only offers, and get early access to the biggest sales.

We consulted the experts and price-matched across the internet to see what items you want to buy and what you should probably avoid on your next visit to Best Buy.

What to buy

1. MacBooks, Laptops, computers

Best Buy offers very competitive and comprehensive price matching on their MacBook prices, according to Andrea Woroch, consumer savings, personal finance, and smart shopping expert. “They also have a great price matching policy and even offer discounts on open-box merchandise,” Woroch said. “This means you may be able to score a brand-new MacBook for a lower price because someone else returned it after opening the box even though it was never used.”

Trae Bodge, a shopping consultant and writer, added, “If you’re a student and not quite sure what you want, use Best Buy’s helpful Student Hub, which will not only help you find the laptop that right for you, but will also suggest other tech items you might need. In addition, Best Buy offers special student discounts on select items, including select computers. From what I can see, most computers also qualify for Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee.”

2. 4K TV

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There’s never been a better time to buy 4K, and from LG to Samsung to Vizio, Best Buy has you covered. The Samsung 65-inch LED 7 Series goes for $699.99 (originally $899).

3. Dyson AM07 tower fan

Dyson Fan

This bladeless tower fan features high-velocity airflow along with a remote – a great deal now that it’s $120 off of its original price.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10

Best Buy has the Galaxy fans of the universe covered. According to Tom’s Guide, Best Buy offers some of the most competitive monthly plans on the S10c, Galaxy S10 and GalaxyS10+ for Verizon, AT&T and Sprint users.

5. External hard drive

Best Buy offers a wide range of external hard drives both from a price point and storage perspective. They also offer “only at Best Buy” deals on the WD Easystore external hard drives as well as a free item with purchase.

6. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch

Now on sale for $379, there’s a savings of $50 off of the Apple Watch Series 4. Down from $429, this price makes it one of the best deals out there.

7. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The newest model of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is on sale for $799 (down from $1029), which saves you $230. The lightweight laptop features a 12.3-inch touchscreen, Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD storage, and comes with a keyboard and the Surface Type Cover (Surface Pen sold separately).

8. Wireless speakers

“Just make sure to compare prices to see if Amazon or Target are selling it for less,” Woroch said. “Best Buy will match competitor prices.”

9. Headphones, earbuds, and speakers


“You will likely see several deals around back-to-school and back-to-college time, so look out for those sales on things like headphones, earbuds, and speakers,” Woroch said.

10. Amazon devices like Kindles and Alexas

“I found the prices at Best Buy and Amazon to be comparable, so if you know what you want, buy where it’s most convenient for you,” Bodge said. “But, if you’re curious about the sound quality of the speakers or want to test out the different Kindles to see which e-reader appeals to you, it’s worth heading to a Best Buy store to check them out in person.”

11. TVs

“I’ve found Best Buy’s selection of TV’s to be very competitively priced,” Bodge said. “In addition, they qualify for the Best Buy’s Price Match Guarantee, which means that Best Buy will match the price if you find that item at a lower price at a ‘designated major online retailer’ or ‘local retail competitor’s store.'”

12. Large appliances

Home Appliances

“Best Buy offers competitive pricing on large appliances, particularly around popular sale periods, like three-day weekends and Black Friday (or) Cyber Monday,” Bodge said. “I ordered an appliance on recently and appreciated that a suggestion for necessary, additional parts was automatically suggested. Best Buy will also install your appliance and haul away your old one for a nominal fee.”

13. Electric toothbrushes

Best Buy has some of the most competitive prices on electric toothbrushes, including Philips Sonicare, which are considered top of the line and range from $49.99 to $279.99.

14. Fujifilm Instax mini camera bundle

This Fujifilm Instax is not only adorable in mint green, but comes in a bundle that’s only available at Best Buy and includes the camera, case, batteries, wrist strap, and package of film for $99.

What To Avoid

1. Patio furniture

Patio Furniture

Woroch advises waiting until the end of the season for deals from retailers with a larger selection of outdoor furniture such as Target or Home Depot. “Otherwise, sites like Overstock offer bigger discounts on outdoor couches, chairs and tables,” Woroch said. “Before buying new though, I recommend looking at what’s available secondhand through local online listings. You can save up to 80% by purchasing used instead.”

2. Batteries

“Batteries sold at retailers like Best Buy have high markups since they are more of a convenience item,” Woroch said. “You may need double-A batteries for the remote that goes with the new TV you just purchased, for instance. You can save big bucks by waiting to get your batteries from big box stores like Target or Walmart. However, the best price per unit is available when you buy batteries in larger quantities from warehouse stores like Costco.”

3. Gift cards

“You can actually buy gift cards at a discount from sites like Cardpool and GiftCardCastle,” Woroch said. “Otherwise, check out deals on gift card bundles from warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club, where you can often save 20% off.”

4. Universal travel adapter

Travel adapters might seem like they’d be a good deal at Best Buy. However, we found a better variety of products and competing prices on Amazon and Target.

5. Car accessories

“Try to get these accessories for free when negotiating a new phone deal from the wireless carrier,” Woroch said. “Otherwise, look online to save at Amazon.”

6. Camera bags

Camera Bag

This is another accessory that might be tempting to pick up when you’re in store, however, more likely than not you’re going to be paying full price. Better to hold off and buy from an online retailer like Amazon.

7. iPhone cases

“Screen protectors and cases (for) smartphones are overpriced at most electronic retailers, including Best Buy,” Woroch said. “Before you buy any accessories in-store, do some comparison shopping online. Not only will you find cheaper prices, but coupon codes are abundant at popular deal sites. You can usually find cheaper prices at online retailers like eBay and Amazon.”

8. Ink cartridges

According to Woroch, trying to purchase ink in most places is difficult because it is one of the most overpriced consumer goods. “Consider buying re-manufactured ink cartridges which utilize repurposed parts of other cartridges and are generally much cheaper than buying new ones directly from the manufacturer,” Woroch said. “You can find remanufactured ink online at sites like InkGrabber. They also have brand name ink at a discount which you can save even more by using coupon codes. Otherwise, look for generic options from stores like Staples to save.”

9. DVDs and Blu-ray players

“Most people are streaming their video content these days and aren’t using DVDs or Blu-ray discs as frequently,” Woroch said. “This means there’s a big market for secondhand DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs which you can find online or even at yard sales for a discount.”

10. Toys

Toys In Store

“Best Buy has invested more deeply in the toy category since the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us, but they still have a ways to go,” Bodge said. “Walmart and Target have a much broader selection, and are therefore a better bet for your toy shopping. From what I’ve seen, the selection on is larger than in-store, so if anything, browse and purchase only if you’ve found the lowest price.”

11. Electric toothbrush accessories

While electric toothbrushes are a good deal, look elsewhere for accessories. A five-pack of Philips Sonicare Simply Clean replacement toothbrush heads at Best Buy sell for $39.99, compared to $29.85 at competing retailers like Walmart.

12. Geek Squad Protection Plan

While there’s comfort in knowing your new computer or cellphone is protected under a warranty, the Geek Squad Protection Plan is an easy upsell and generally overpriced, considering most big-ticket items come with a warranty already.