Effective Car Cleaning Tricks To Save Money

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Car Cleaning Tricks

It is important for many to keep their precious car clean. Taking the time to clean your car may be a weekly or monthly activity. This necessary activity finds car owners spending hundreds of dollars for a thorough clean.

However, there are ways to get the job done without spending money on fancy car cleaning agents. Here are some simple tricks to keep your car in tip-top shape and save you money.

13. Cleaning Air Vents

Car Vents

If you do not clean your air vents frequently, you’ll notice they get dusty over time. The narrow slots make it tedious to clean, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Pressing foam into the vents will suck the dust right up. A paintbrush can also easily remove the pesky dust.

If you need further reach, you can soak a sponge brush in water and take care of business. Or you can use a can of compressed air to zip out that dust and give you fresh, healthy air to breathe. As you can see, there are many options, so no more excuses for having dusty air vents in your car!

12. Animal Hair

Squeegee Car

We love our pets, don’t we? It’s hard to leave them at home when they enjoy car rides so much. Their cute puppy eyes make you forget about all that hair they’ll leave on your seat—and it builds up. Here’s a simple solution. Get a spray bottle and a squeegee. Spray the water all over the area involved and work that squeegee to remove the hair.

11. Coffee FilterCoffee Filter

Using a cloth to dust your car interior tends to leave lint everywhere. Instead, use a quality coffee filter. It allows for the dust to stick easily. No dust is left lying around, and your car looks shiny and new.

10. Use a Toothbrush for Dirt and Grime

Toothbrush Clean Car

Dirt and grime can be a pain to remove from crevices, but toothbrushes are here to help. A toothbrush reaches where other cleaning objects can’t, to give your seats and small crevices of the car a thorough cleaning.

9. Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Car Carpet Clean

Here’s a cleaning agent that leaves your carpet clean and fresh-smelling—Mix Hydrogen peroxide with some lemon essential oil and a little water. You’ll rid your car of all those footmarks with a wash brush. Now, breathe in that fresh, clean car smell.

8. Vaseline or Olive Oil Your Dashboard


Vaseline is an amazing dashboard conditioner! It’s effective at shining and is inexpensive. Ensure your dashboard is dry and add small amounts of Vaseline, using a clean cloth to rub it in. Wipe away any excess. If dust builds up after a while, have your cloth ready to give a quick rub. If you use olive oil, make sure to use a paper towel to clean up the excess.

7. Clean Your Leather Seats

Leather Seat Clean Car

Leather cleaners can be on the pricy side, and olive oil is a versatile alternative! Your car interior doesn’t have to look aged and faded. Apply a small amount of the oil onto a cleaning cloth and wipe every inch of your leather. Wait for it to dry, then wipe off thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Another option for cleaning your leather seats is to get some dishwashing liquid or Castile soap. Have your spray bottle and some water ready. Mix well in the spray bottle and apply to leather. All grime and dirt will make a hasty retreat!

6. Screwdriver


Over time dirt builds up in crevices. Removing dirt from those hard to reach crevices and cracks has been made easy. You can effectively and easily accomplish this by using a flathead screwdriver! Just cover the screwdriver with a cleaning cloth, stick it in the crevices and watch the dirt collect.

5. Vacuum the Roof

Car Roof

Have you ever considered vacuuming your car roof? We always vacuum the floor; why not vacuum the roof? The roof accumulates dust too! So get to work with that vacuum, and your car will be sparkling clean from top to bottom.

4. Clean Cup Holders

Clean Cupholder

Cup holders can easily get gross! Spilled drinks leave a sticky residue. To clean your cup holders, you can attach a sock to a cup and wet it with Windex. This procedure will easily clean the holder out. Twist the cup around in the holder, and all that grime will come out on the sock.

3. Roll the Seats Up

Seats Rolled Upo

If you want your car to be squeaky clean, you have to clean it thoroughly. So you’ve got to roll up those seats! Search for anything you have missed throughout the cleaning process. A long vacuum nozzle is your help aid here. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum!

2. Baking Soda, the Odor Remover

Baking Soda

Before you vacuum your seats, sprinkle baking soda on them. Leave for a few minutes, then vacuum away. Expensive fragrant cleaners will not stand against this simple trick.

A funky smelling vehicle does not make for a pleasant drive and can be embarrassing. The baking soda will absorb and neutralize the odors from your carpets and upholstery!

1. Your Car Exterior

Car Exterior

Once you finish cleaning the inside of your car, you must get the outside looking just as new. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Clean your windows with baby wipes! The alcohol in the wipes keeps your windows clean and free of streaks.
  • Clean off dead bugs with WD-40. Spraying some WD-40 on the grill will remove bugs and grime.
  • Use a budget-friendly hair conditioner to wash your car. It has lanolin, a type of wax that will make your car shine!
  • Clean your headlights with toothpaste!
  • Clean your rims with baking soda, dish soap and warm water.
  • Use a microfiber mitt to clean the body of your car.

Have fun saving money on these simple cleaning tricks, and enjoy your clean car!