Eleven Most Visited Websites in the World

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Google is the given heavyweight contender in this race to be the most visited website, however YouTube has about 1.6 billion users, and Facebook has close to 2.7 billion profiles. The e-commerce giant Amazon is also the number one online retailer in the world. So who has the most visits?

In the last thirty years, the internet has evolved into a global ecosystem, offering a plethora of options. Determining which is the most visited website can be tricky, but we have done the research for you. These websites ordered from the highest visited to lowest.

1. Google

The number one most visited website goes to Google’s monster site – the Google.com search engine. Google isn’t just the number one search engine anymore, rather it rules all the websites ranked below. It has transformed the online business world, as SEO rankings and the thirst for organic search traffic is at all time high. Appearing on the first page means you’re getting business. Appearing on the second page means you’re not. Google gets over 40 billion visits per month.

2. YouTube

YouTube follows directly behind Google. Well technically, but not really because Google owns YouTube. YouTube has nearly 2 billion users per month with many visiting multiple times a week. The accessibility to binge-watch cat videos, launch or promote your business, and simply connecting with other vloggers creates a platform almost nobody can compete with. Video lovers, from ages 6 to elderly, are making millions by going viral on YouTube – a dream for nearly every blogger. Almost everyone wants to grab at the opportunity to make money by having numerous subscribers and views. And as long as they see the opportunity, they’ll keep taking advantage of YouTube. The total number of visits is over 30 billion per month – certainly making this a most visited website on the web today.

3. Facebook

Despite the common myth that Instagram and Snapchat are trumping Facebook’s views and stealing users, Facebook still remains the number one social networking site. And that’s not because ‘older people’ still use it. Although millennials are more likely to use Instagram or Snapchat, Facebook offers users of all ages several unique options. For instance, you can create a business page and some people merely use Facebook for their business (hint, hint Millennial entrepreneurs). Sorry, but Instagram and Snapchat are nowhere near over 2 billion users – congrats, Mark Zuckerberg. The total number of visits is over 30 billion per month.

4. Baidu

Baidu is another popular search engine. It’s like a Chinese duplicate of Google but it’s unique in its own way. Founded in Beijing, China Baidu follows behind Google as the most visited search engine. The total number of visits is nearly 20 billion per month.

5. Wikipedia

Whether Wikipedia serves as a quick source for information or even an entire school project/presentation, there’s no doubt we’ve all visited Wikipedia. An immediate Google search of a celebrity, president, event, etc. will draw us directly to Wikipedia. And that’s not all Wikipedia does. Besides being a sort of mini search engine for all the information in the world, people can use Wikipedia to write about themselves. Many have done it in the past to include biographies; or they tried to publicly contribute to world’s knowledge a bit. Yes, while there are moderators on Wikipedia, the content is almost 100% user generated and gets about six billion visits per month.

6. Reddit

Reddit is in some sense comparable to Wikipedia considering the abundance of information you can find from other people. Naturally, Reddit often appears on the first page of Google. Reddit, like Yahoo Answers, allows immediate interaction with users around the world to come to a solution. Having a very loyal user base, called Redditors, this website garners impressive five billion visits per month.

7. Yahoo!

Google has been continuously beating Yahoo for the number of searchers as well as user visits, but Yahoo still remains one of the top visited search engines in the world – at #3. It’s a fact that Yahoo serves as a primary email service (which is no surprise) and a source of information for daily news and articles keeps Yahoo users around. By many, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News are the considered most reputable sources of information online. Yahoo gets around five billion visits per month as well.

8. QQ by Tencent

Launched in 1999 as a Chinese response to Israeli and later American messaging portal called ICQ. Hopefully you remember the good times when your ICQ username was a sequentially assigned five plus digit number. The internet was in the early stage then. QQ.com gets just under 4 billion visits per month.

9. Taobao

Originally launched in 2003, Taobao is the Amazon equivalent for Chinese shoppers covering a cross-industry wide offering of products. It’s particularly known as a convenient platform with below-the-average prices spanning across millions of products and services. Both, products and services are the collective money makers in this Alibaba Group entity. Its business model is different from Amazon’s because this Chinese marketplace doesn’t charge fees to buyer or sellers, rather it makes money from featuring ads around products. Taobao.com gets two billion visits per month.

10. Amazon

The number one online shopping site. Why? Because you can find tablets, horse food, and mattresses. Amazon has practically everything you want. In a digital era where shopping has moved online due to the convenience of this method, honestly you’re missing out if you haven’t shopped at Amazon. Around two billion visits come to Amazon per month.

11. Twitter

Twitter is another huge social networking site that appeals to everyone of all ages – just ask Donald Trump, who tweets about 5 tweets a day. Twitter has about 330 million active users and 500 million tweets in a day.. The accessibility to release emotions, facts, or just whatever in 40 characters is what makes Twitter so amazing and popular. Depending on a month, Twitter gets around two billion visits certainly making it a most visited website.

Please note that most visited website rankings can change from month to month. When this article was written, the source was Alexa based on the global rank. We consolidated Google (#1) and Google India (#8) so you have boarder view of the web.


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