Final Destination in Real Life: 10 People Who Cheated Death

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10 People Who Cheated Death - All time lists

“Cheating death’, this phrase looks familiar! Doesn’t it?. Yes, we are referring to what you have heard and seen about the famous ‘Death Design’ in the final destination series. You can never escape death, but you can cheat it in many different ways. Throughout the final destination series, we have seen death in the form of horrible accidents and impossible disasters. However, if someone intervenes in the person’s death by any means, then death would skip that person. Death would move on to seek the next one before returning to that person. Death has to complete the rift in its famous ‘Death Design’.

So having the plot of the final destination in our minds, let’s check out amazingly lucky people who actually cheated death in real life.

10. Eric Lemarque

In 2003, former Olympian Eric Lemarque was snowboarding 11000-foot slope in the Sierra Nevada mountains, when he was caught off guard by heavy fog and it set him off course.

For days, he tried to make it back to civilization, but unbeknownst to him, he was actually continuously going in the wrong direction.

Luckily, he was able to survive for eight days before he was found by his team. At this point, they were actually set up to look for his body. They were astonished to find him alive.

According to experts, no one can survive under those circumstances for more than three days. But Eric surviving for eight days was certainly a miracle and he definitely had cheated the ‘Death design” proposed in the final destination series.

9. Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall was mistakenly left for dead on Mount Everest, but he made it through the night and survived.

In 2006, he reached the summit of Mount Everest and was struck with severe altitude sickness. It was so bad that he eventually looked like he was dead.

Team members tried to resuscitate him for two hours, but they had no luck and they were forced to abandon his body and retrieve him the next day. 12 hours later, a group of ascending climbers was astonished to find Hall sitting on the ridge cross-legged and alive. He was extremely cold and weak, but remarkably survived the night.

8. Peter Skyllberg

Peter Skyllberg spent 60 days trapped inside a car, buried in a snowdrift. This is a nightmare scenario come true, being trapped in a freezing icy tomb with no hope of survivial.

Throughout the 60 days, Peter said he lived off the snow alone. He was found in 2012 when two snowmobilers found what they thought was an abandoned car that had an alive person trapped in it.

After they dug through a few feet of snow, they found Peter laying in the back seat. Well, some people don’t believe that he was actually there for sixty days. However, scientists say that this is possible as the body would go into hibernation mode and an igloo effect would create great insulation within the car.

7. Juliane Koepcke

Juliane is a 70-year-old woman who survived a 2-mile drop from the sky in a plane that was crashed into the Amazonian mountains.

Luckily, she was wearing her seatbelt. Otherwise, it is said that she probably would have died. After the crash, she only had minor injuries. Unfortunately now, she was now trapped in the Peruvian Amazon. Unlucky for her, this part of rainforest happen to be a crocodile infested jungle. Yikes!

For 10 days, she kept looking for help throughout the jungle. On the eleventh day when she was found by a group of Peruvian Lumberjacks.

6. Michael Benson

This crazy man somehow survived two days inside a live volcano cavern. Back in 1992, Benson and one of his colleagues were capturing an aerial footage of Hawaii for a movie, in their helicopter.

Unfortunately, the helicopter crashed over the most active volcano in that area. Their cameraman actually pitched his helicopter inside the volcano cavern, narrowly missing at the boiling lava.

Over the next few days, his two co-workers were able to reach safety, but no one could find Benson due to clouds of smoke billowing from the volcano..

He spent two nights in the cavern before he was saved by a rescue net that was dropped through the thick fog.

5. Reshma Begum

Reshma Begum was a 19-year-old woman, who was pulled out alive from a pile of rubble that was resulted from a clothing factory collapse.

So, if that isn’t enough of the miracle, then hear this – before she was rescued, she was trapped under the debris for 17 days. Can you imagine that?!

Luckily, when she was trapped, she was able to find some dried fruit as well as water. When she heard voices coming from the rescue team, she started making banging noises, so that they would find her and was eventually saved.

4. Aron Ralston

This guy had to sacrifice a lot in order to save his life and cheat the death design of the “final destination”.

In 2003, Ralston was enjoying the beautiful views as he climbed Utah’s Blue John Canyon. Unfortunately, a boulder fell and crushed his arm straight into the canyon wall. Ralston spent six days trying to free his hand while avoiding hypothermia and dehydration.

Finally, he saw no other option and he did what he had to do. He took out a multi-tool knife and cut off his own forearm. He then crawled down the canyon to safety.

3. Jose Salvador Alvarenga

Jose was lost at sea in the Pacific Ocean for more than 13 months before he came across a deserted island. Coconut farmers eventually found him in January of 2014.

Jose says that he was blown off course during a fishing trip in Mexico and was stuck drifting among the Pacific Ocean for 13 months.

He said the way he survived this 5,000-mile voyage is by eating fish, birds, turtles and drinking urine, rainwater and bird blood. Hey, You gotta do, what you have to do to stay alive!

Some people don’t think that this incredible story of survival is actually true, but Jose wouldn’t be the first person to survive long journeys at sea, there are few others as well.

2. Steve Callahan

Callahan’s story is a remarkable one as he survived 76 days adrift in the Atlantic ocean on nothing but a life raft.

He was fulfilling his lifelong dream of sailing across the Atlantic. He was on his return journey home when one late night a large shark or whale smashed into the side of his boat and the boat began to sink.

So, he got into his life raft after grabbing some essentials such as food, a spear gun, and flares. He stayed alive by fishing with the spear gun. Over the time, he developed saltwater sores. He eventually drifted into tropical waters causing unbearable dehydration.

By the 50th day, he was struggling to keep the raft to float with the pump. He broke down and gave up but then he said to himself, “Do I really want to die?”. And he decided to push through.

Some days later, he was spotted by some fishermen. When they found him, he had lost a third of his body weight and it took him six weeks to learn how to walk again.

He later went on to write a book called “76 days adrift” and he was actually consulted for the 2012 hit movie “Life of Pi” when he was asked about his experience of the ocean. In fact, he made lures and other tools seen in the movie.

1. Phineas Gage

So, these were some pretty crazy survival stories of people who cheated death when death was almost a certain circumstance.

Coming in at our number one spot is someone who lived through something pretty traumatic and survived to tell the tale. You may have heard about Phineas at some point in your schooling, but we want to tell his store nonetheless.

In 1848, on September 13, a railroad worker, Phineas Gage, was packing a hole with gunpowder. While doing this, the gunpowder ignited and the explosion blew an iron bar off the ground and shoot the piece of metal straight through his cheekbone and exiting the top of his head. By some miracle, he didn’t end up dying and within minutes he was up and walking around.

After this accident, the iron bar was found 30 yards from the site of the accident. The bar along with his skull are now on display in a museum in Boston.

Well, guys, there you have it!. Our list of 10 people who cheated their final destination and deviated from the ‘Death Design’. The plot behind the final destination series is really quite fascinating, because there are countless people who cheated death in the worst of scenarios and then death got better of them in the simplest ways.

Death is a cunning, active, highly malevolent, volatile and supernatural force. Death is the primary antagonist, not just in the final destination series, but in the real world as well. We have thousands of true stories backing this fact in the world today. We just have to look and hear more closely!