Highest Paying Jobs in America Revealed


From time immemorial, man has always been prepared to pay for goods and services. He couldn’t produce himself and even more for what only few others could. As the world continues to take giant strides in all areas of human endeavor, the earning potential of every individual is moving towards a level of exclusivity. People will earn money for jobs only very few others can do. The fewer the workmen, the higher the demand and rewards for such skills. So which jobs or careers actually pay the highest and what are the future projections?

According to released data by major world economic forums and annual reports, careers in the medical field dominate 2018’ list more than those of other fields. This is so because the demand for good and quality healthcare as well as the skills involved remains on high demand. With the level of health hazards people are exposed to at work and home further worsened by industrial emissions, the need to live healthier lives and the eradication or prevention of diseases drives medical practitioners to the top of the pile. Other fields are beginning to attract huge demand particularly since the advent of Information technology though. Below are the top ten best paid jobs in the world at the moment.

1. Surgeons

When we speak of surgeons one name which comes to mind is Ben Carson (the first to perform a successful surgery on con-joined twins). Surgeons on average earn an annual wage of about $350,000-$400,000 yearly depending on which stat you are looking at. Surgical operations are
complex and in a situation between life and death, the operational skill and procedure has to be top notch. The future projections show that surgical practitioners are not dropping off the top of the list of highest earners any time soon.

2. Psychiatrists

They’ve remained at the top of the most remunerated career list for quite a long while now. It took centuries before man could even begin to understand the human brain. As complex as it is, only fewer medical practitioners are able to perform successful Psychiatric operations.

Psychiatry remains one of the highest paying jobs anywhere in the world. They come in short supply and are paid top dollar earning over $190,000 on average.

3. General Physicians

Claiming the third spot and the third straight medical discipline in a row, general physicians like Pediatricians are one of the most sought after skilled workers. With an average annual wage between $180,000-$220,000, they are the third highest paid workers in the US and some of the highest paid professionals in the world.

4. Top Corporate Executives

It takes a lot of guts and administrative skills to run conglomerates like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. The strain these job responsibilities place on managers and administrators, coupled with the colossal sums they are responsible for makes these top level execs some of the highest paid professionals with salaries ranging $170,000-$200,000 annually. Though it’s possible to find some of the top CEO’ earning more than the medical professionals highlighted above, people who fall into this bracket in the corporate world are very few when compared to the general working population within the industries they operate in.

5. Dentists

Many will find it hard to believe but in the US and in other top world economies, dentists are highly sought after and paid. Earnings within the bracket of 140,000-$155,000 annually places them among the top earners.

6. Petroleum Engineers

The world thrives and depends on energy for survival like the human body depends on blood. Petroleum is the world’ most exploited energy resource. Though the campaign for clean energy over fossilized fuel may be gaining momentum, other energy sources are is still far from ready to provide the world’ industrial machinery with an alternative. Highly skilled engineers are still and will remain one of the top earners for the foreseeable future with an average yearly pay of $130,000 in the US and a little above or less than that in other developed and developing economies.

7. Orthodontists

Many may never have heard of the name and may never find out without looking it up in the dictionary or the internet, but these dental practitioners remain one of the best paid in the medical line. They correct tooth mal-positions in human dentitions and are well paid for the trouble with annual wages hitting the $125,000 mark to booth.

8. Data Scientists

The world is becoming a global village and this is largely due to the impact of IT on our daily lives. The area of data technology is large and densely spread. Analyst and scientists are needed to ensure and/or improve the free flow of information highways. The annual wages of data scientists land around the $122,000 mark.

9. Aviation Traffic Controllers

These skilled conductors have seen a recent decline in demand for their services due to the emergence of automation and robotics, however they still remain among the top earners due to the complex roles they play in the aviation industry with an average pay of $180,000 annually, according to US aviation sources.

10. Pharmacists

The demand for improved healthcare and constant drug usage has helped this profession maintain its position among the top ten highest paying jobs. A Pharmacists average take home pay is $120,000 annually in the US.

*Wage figures were arrived at using annual reports from industry sources in the USA. Figures may be slightly higher or lower in other countries particularly those outside Europe.