How to Get Rid of Things That are Hard to Sell

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Hard To Sell

As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In other words, even if you’re trying to get rid of something you think NO ONE will want, there’s a pretty good chance SOMEONE will take it off your hands. That being said, here are ten ways to get rid of things that are hard to sell.

10. Clothing

Clothes In Drawer
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There are lots of options for selling unwanted clothing, including online through Etsy (vintage pieces do well on this site), eBay and Craigslist, or to a consignment store, or at your next yard sale. For designer fashions, resell them on Poshmark. “Shoes and sneakers do exceptionally well on this app, [as do] brands like Victoria’s Secret PINK, Kate Spade, Coach [and] Puma,” Daniella Flores, creator and author of I Like To Dabble, a blog about creative money tips and side hustles, told NBC News.

For professional clothes and shoes, you can always donate them to organizations that help low-income individuals get ahead in their careers by providing clothing and other types of support. Then there’s Soles4Souls, a non-profit social enterprise that provides relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

And, if you’re looking to get rid of your wedding dress, you can always sell it online. There are quite a few websites you can use, including,, and

9. Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments
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You may be thinking that you can just sell your musical instruments and equipment to the pawnshop and be done with it. But it’s not that easy. Pawnshops will only accept items they know for certain will turn a profit. The same thing goes for music stores. So, how can you get rid of your musical instruments then? Well, one way is to list your item(s) for sale on the app Reverb. Another option is to sell your instruments on eBay. “My wife and I also run small eBay reselling business where we flip items on eBay, mainly guitars and make $2,000 to $3,000 in side income from doing so,” Flores told NBC News. Lastly, you can always contact school band directors and let them know you have an instrument or two for sale. There may be a student who needs one but can’t afford to purchase one from a music store.

8. Large Household Goods and Appliances

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To get rid of your large household goods and appliances, try the following:

-Sell them locally on Craigslist or list them in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.
-Take them to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They have a donation center where you can drop off your new and gently used furniture, home accessories, appliances, and even building materials.
-Recycle them. You can either sell them to a recycling center or list them online on websites like
-For mattresses and other items that are tough to sell or donate, you can always consult Just plug in your ZIP code and the item(s) you want to recycle and you’ll find a recycling location.

7. Electronics

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There are lots of ways to get rid of your old electronics. Your cell phones can be sold to resale dealers who buy old handsets. Or, you can take advantage of programs like Amazon Trade-In, Best Buy Trade-In or Walmart Gadgets to Gift Cards that give you gift cards in exchange for your electronics. Of course, you can always donate your old phones to military members or even crime victims. There are organizations you can go through to make these donations. Doing a quick search online will help you find them.

You can also get rid of your unwanted electronics on eBay, Craigslist or DeCluttr, a website where consumers can buy and sell old tech gadgets. It works real simple. You just log on, get a quote for your tech gadget, and if you like the quote, you create an account and click “Complete Order.” DeCluttr will send you a pre-addressed postage-paid form via email to be shipped to their headquarters. You’ll get paid via direct deposit the day after they receive your package.

FYI, here are some other places you can sell your unwanted tech: — Android and Apple tablets and smartwatches, Apple desktop computers, game consoles, iPhones and Android smartphones, iPods, and Macbooks — all Apple computers, Android and Apple tablets, Apple TV, iPhones, and Android smartphones, and iPods — Android and Apple tablets and smartwatches, iPhones and Android smartphones, iPods, and Macbooks — phones, tablets, and video games — smartphones, tablets, and wearables — Androids and other smartphones, home tech, iPhones, laptops, tablets, and video games

6. Books, CDs, and DVDs

Books Cds Dvds
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There are a number of options for selling your books, including dropping them off at a consignment shop, selling them at your next yard sale, or checking out websites like Cash4Books and Blue Rocket Books. If you want to get top dollar for your books, is the website to go to. It can tell you which online book buyer is paying the highest price. Additionally, you could also sell your books to used bookstores.

When it comes to your CDs and DVDs, you can sell them on Amazon or a website like And, if all else fails, you can donate your books, CDs, and DVDs to a nonprofit organization or your local library.

5. Jewelry and Precious Metals

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The first step to selling your fine jewelry is getting it appraised. Once you do that, then you can sell it through eBay, to a dealer, at auction, or to a jewelry store. If you want to ditch the engagement or wedding ring from that relationship that didn’t work out, you can sell it on When it comes to junk jewelry, you can sell that to a jewelry store for the scrap value. As for costume jewelry, you can simply sell it at your next yard sale.

If you want to get rid of precious metals like gold, you can sell them to pawn shops, local jewelers, or mail-in buyers. You can even sell it at a gold party. But, if your aim is to get the most money, you should sell it to a gold refiner. Just make sure you have lots of gold because gold refiners typically like to buy in bulk.

TIP: If you’re selling jewelry online, you should definitely include the measurements. You should also place the jewelry next to another object (e.g. a coin) in one of the photos so people can get an idea of the actual size.

4. Collectibles and Antiques

Collectibles And Antiques
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If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted collectibles and antiques, you can always take them to an antique dealer. Before you do, you might want to get your item(s) appraised — especially if you have something in your possession that might be worth $1,000 or more. To find out exactly how much your items are worth, you can check out, a resource for blue book values and price trends for used goods. You can also find qualified, local appraisers through the American Society of Appraisers, the Appraisers Association of America, or the International Society of Appraisers.

3. Sports Equipment

Sports Equipment
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You can always sell your used sports equipment online through Craigslist, eBay, or a similar site. Then there are used sports shops like Play It Again Sports. According to their website, they “buy, sell and trade quality used and new sporting goods and equipment.” Although their stores cover the entire continent, not all categories or products shown on their website are bought at all their locations. You’ll have to contact your local store for additional information.
Lastly, you can always post an ad for your sports equipment through your local classifieds. You can also post fliers around town.

2. Pet Supplies

Cat Tower
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Secondhand pet supplies are often hard to sell or donate due to health concerns. “We have to be careful about introducing fleas, ticks, mites and pet illnesses, and diseases,” Dr. Jeff Levy, DVM, of House Call Vet NYC, New York, told But, rest assured. There are websites where you can buy and sell secondhand pet supplies. A quick search on Google should provide you with plenty of options. And, if you need additional help, you can always consult the Animal Humane Society website. In fact, they send donated pet supplies to shelters. And, those supplies that can’t be used in a shelter may be resold to the public in their discounted merchandise area located at their Golden Valley shelter.

1. Housewares

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When it comes to selling your housewares, The Spruce offers this advice: “Sell highly sought-after items on eBay, on consignment, through Craigslist, or through a classified. Sell everything else at a yard sale.” And, according to MoneyTalksNews, you may be better off loading up all your goods and taking them to a local thrift store. That’s because housewares really aren’t going to sell for much, except in rare cases. Besides, when you take these items to the thrift store, not only do you get the opportunity to de-clutter your home, you also get a tax deduction!


So, now that you know how to get rid of hard-to-sell items, get out there and start selling them. Make sure you follow this tip, though: If you’re using a website like Craigslist, make sure you conduct the transaction in a public place, like a coffee shop or mall. And, make sure you bring a friend along. And, only accept cash payments. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.