How to practice self-care during quarantine

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During Quarantine

In these unprecedented times, you may find yourself falling into the trap of doing nothing. This can lead to depression and of course, boredom. Everything has changed with mandatory mask mandates and social distancing. You may find yourself thrown into solitude because you can’t go out and do all of your regular activities. Places such as the gym, shopping, dining out and even outdoor activities have changed drastically in such a short amount of time. Some places have gone out of business and some activities, such as the gym, have had to stop business completely. How do you cope with this added stress without losing your mind?

6) Talk to Friends and Family Regularly

Friends Family

People are social creatures and even though you aren’t seeing friends and family as much right now, you can still stay in touch with them. With technology and social media being as advanced as they are, it’s easier than ever to stay close with the people you love. Facebook even has the Portal which makes it seem as though you and the person you’re chatting with are in the same room. Iphones have Facetime which allows you to be anywhere and still see and talk to the person you want to.

5) Switch up your routine

Daily Routine

People are habitual and enjoy structure in their lives. When your routine is thrown off, it can make you feel lost. With COVID ravaging the country, your routine may have been set off and it’s difficult to think of what to do next. Doing something that’s close to what you normally do would give you a sense of normality and keep you from doing nothing. Since gyms are closed, head to a beautiful park to get a workout in or buy some weights to build your own little gym at home. There are tons of free videos on YouTube that you can utilize for yoga, cardio, or even weightlifting videos. If you are an avid shopper, you can utilize Amazon’s “try it before you buy it” and still feel that amazement at seeing yourself in new clothes. Then you can buy some and send whatever you don’t want back, free of charge. Also, many places have switched to a more robust online shopping experience and if you do not want to wait for them to ship anything to you, you can opt for curbside pickup.

4) Get Lost in a Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land

Books, TV shows, movies, and video games are excellent tools to lose yourself in a world of whimsy and fantasy. This is an excellent time to try something new and see where it takes you. Media nowadays is excellent at grabbing your attention and helping you to explore a new world when your world now is completely closed. It takes your imagination and runs with it while letting you explore using your mind instead of your body. It makes you feel as though you’ve traveled to the worlds you read about or TV shows you watch. Movies are always a good way to find yourself in another land with all new people. There’s a reason that people watch movies as hobbies, there are so many that are brilliantly written, acted in, and shot. There are also a variety of podcasts that range from interesting to educational to hilarious! The choice is yours and you can always find your niche.

3) Find a New Hobby

New Hobby

You can also switch up your life completely and do something that you’ve wanted to try but “have not gotten around to”. Try woodworking or take up sewing, there are many videos and online blogs that give step by step instructions. This may show you a brand-new hobby that you’ve never thought about. There are many hobbies out there, but it’s impossible to try them all. In this time of COVID, you probably have more time than ever, so try out as many things as you can. Try to learn a musical instrument, start a garden (indoor or out), play board games, discover new music, scrapbook, knit, draw, write a blog, learn a new language, learn origami and many many other things.

2) Learn a New Life Skill

New Skill

Now is the time to learn something new and to teach yourself a life skill. Since the restaurants are either closed down or a risk to go to, try learning how to cook. You can get groceries delivered to your home or even those meals in a box. With the time you have on your hands, you can easily learn how to cook. You can also learn a new language, there are many decent apps out there such as Duolingo that you can learn a new language for free. Learn photography and this is a life skill that can even make you money. Get a decent camera and some photoshop software and boom, you’ve got a new side hustle. You can learn whittling and it only requires a stick and a knife! Computer programming is also a great life skill that can make you money. Computer programming classes are also available for free online with Kahn academy as a great start.

1) Work on Your Mental Health

Self Care

In these times, it is highly beneficial to take care of yourself not only physically, but mentally. Everyone should take the time to take care of their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. For mental self-care, meditation is a fantastic way to find some peace in this crazy world. It will help you stay in tune with yourself and get to know you and what your needs are. Meditation can also be a good way to keep your emotions in check and see where you are in your daily life. You can also take time for yourself by doing yoga. Yoga is a physical activity that also has mental wellbeing involved in it as well. Yoga is like meditation but with moving your body to give yourself both at the same time. Yoga is very versatile and can be done in the morning, during the day, or at night right before bed.